Om Shanti! It’s been a while since I used those words.
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Nothing and Everything! 🙂

The frequency of writings here, will depend on your participation; brother or sister reading this blog.

To start, let me share that the Brahma Kumaris path, has been a great learning experience in my journey. What did I learn?
In my case, it was about ego. I wasn’t able to observe it until I left the Brahma Kumaris path.
In my experience, the Brahma Kumaris path increased my ego to the point where it needed to decrease… to start the process of dissolution.

In my experience, when we are living “spiritual paths,” there are not such a thing as “good or bad,” or even “right or wrong” religious paths.
Some people have experienced self-realization in the Brahma Kumaris path; Brahma Baba being an example. However, Brahma Kumaris is not “the only and true path.” I know that due to my own experience.

How is that?
Every person is in a different stage in their Life journey. For some, Brahma Kumaris was the catalyst to self-realization, because that is exactly what was needed in their Life path to complete their journey, that is; to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
Certainly, it is not the case for Avyakt7 in his change into Ahnanda. Nonetheless, the experience of Brahma Kumaris was a step forward, but not the last step.

Avyakt7- “New Generation,” is not an attempt to discourage you from following your chosen spiritual path. It is not even an attempt to “teach” anything (one of the professions with high ego rates in my experience, is that of a teacher.)

Avyakt7- “New Generation” is merely a way to share, perhaps from different views; but ultimately; it is through sharing from your own experience, how openness arises to listen to others and with that the quality to embrace differences, rather than reject them.

Someone named my current path as “radical acceptance,” that label works for me; although the label may change as all things change in Life…
Welcome and see you soon…

For the common good.

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