Question:Creating positive karma with Gyan

Om shanti, what wisdom can we use in creating positive karma with gyan, applying them in our daily life? Thanks.

Thank you for your well elaborated question.
My short answer is AWARENESS. To be conscious with gyan or without it.

In my experience, wisdom is not something that “I” can create. If “I” am aware of Life experiences, conscious of them; then this insight which is my own experience, will express to the outside as “wisdom.” My action will be according to the time and not according to a recipe.

For example; In my first visit to a dentist I could be afraid (experience.) That reaction has a consequence which is neither positive nor negative. If “I” become aware of it, in my next visit to the dentist, I will not be so tense, I may even relax. Why? Because I was aware of the tension.

Gyan is like a mental recipe. Something like: “I am a soul not a body.”
I could be an actor and act according to that recipe.” I should feel no pain, because I am not the body.” However, that is not truly who I am while in the dentist chair. Pain in the body may be there in different degrees, but I will only be aware of this, know this through the experience.

One great point in Gyan that encompasses everything is: “The Drama is beneficial for all.”
Therefore, “good karma” and “bad karma” are limited labels when you look at the big picture, what Baba calls the “Unlimited.”

In Gyan, we could believe that “positive karma” is all that matters. That is a “black or white” understanding.
Many times to experience “bad karma,” is the key to “improve” our karma later on.

Gyan has a recipe of what is “good” and “bad.” That is the starting point into our AWARENESS.
As we evolve, we could see that “good and bad” are points of reference which are not set in stone for Life moves, changes.

We could try to “apply” any point of Gyan into our Life, thinking that “this will bring good karma,” but we are UNAWARE of our current situation and state of consciousness… or even our previous karma.

By all means, apply any point of Gyan into your Life. Observe what truly happens, without the belief that “this should be good.” By being detached from your beliefs, (detached observer) you will be away from the mind, and then you could witness the outcome, “what is.”
That is how insight will develop, which means gaining wisdom, which means “improving karma.”

In my experience, Life is the teacher. We may need to be just AWARE of those teachings without judging the way Life has chosen to teach us, for to judge means not to understand that Life does not move under a particular set of religious ideals or beliefs and most important, that whatever is in the Drama is beneficial for all.

For the common good.