BK “numberwise,” “Shrimat,” and “effort.”

Please can you also share on ” Number Wise, following Shrimat and Effort” please???
Thank you bro!

Great questions!
Let us say that you had a vision. You saw beautiful people with innocent faces and well dressed up, enjoying a “Paradise” like setting. A few days later, you saw a picture of the “Golden Age” by the Brahma Kumaris.

Observe the experience and the assumptions of the mind.
What are the typical assumptions?
1. What Brahma Kumaris teaches must be true, because “I” had that experience.
2. “I” will go to that “Paradise,” for otherwise; “I” wouldn’t have had that experience. “I” need to find out what Brahma Kumaris teaches.
In those assumptions, observe how heavily involved the “I” is.
This is important, because everything else in your path will be built upon the confirmation of “your” experience. The “I” becomes the center of attention.

How do “I” go to that “Paradise”?
By following Shrimat now. The “elevated directions.”
“You” are not worth of “Paradise” now, but when you die and after following Shrimat, you will be…
There are lots of “DOING” for that “I” to DO now, to accomplish his objective in the “after Life.”

“Shrimat” could be given by God (As understood by BK philosophy) or could be given by human beings (higher ranking in the organization as “instruments” of God.)
That is where “Shrimat” gets tricky.
Nevertheless, the “I” will follow those directions hoping to “achieve” a “higher status,” to BECOME (extension of the “I”)  someone else, an ideal.

Where do those “elevated directions” come from?
In the belief that a “deity” or an “elevated person” behaves in a particular way.
For instance: “Buddha” was vegetarian. Therefore, to be “like him,” I must be vegetarian.
Buddha didn’t have sex; thus I should follow him. Buddha woke up at 3 AM every day, thus “I” should DO that as well, “make that effort.”

The “problem” with this approach is that “I” will act as someone who is not “Me” now. That is what I call, being dishonest, lying to yourself.
I will not observe who I AM NOW, but rather work towards an ideal. Let us forget completely about the process, what matters is to DO these things now for otherwise “I” will  miss  a “high status,””Paradise.” Buddha had his own process before getting where he was. For him, it was “natural” for you it is “effort.” That is the big difference.

“I” cannot wait. “I” want to be like him “now.”  That is greed.
Therefore, Shrimat and effort.
“Here are a set of commandments or directions. Follow them, and you will get there…” you are told and you believe it.
Then comes another belief: “Those who practice those things closely over a long period of time, are the ones who will obtain the highest status. Those who do not, will obtain a lower status.” Thus, the concept of “numberwise” is invented  out of your greed to  have a “high status” and with that the idea of “making effort” to get there appears.
By the way, this concept of “making effort” is not consistent with another concept: “The Drama is predestined.” It is not “your effort” anymore but it is what is already “written.” The “I” can only DO as much as his role will allow. True, you don’t know how much, but forget about “your” effort. If you go into this alone, you will discover a lot of things about that “I.”

In my experience, there is no “DOING” that could change the consciousness of a person to BE someone different. Living Life experiences will change consciousness by itself. But the “I” is not ready to accept those teachings of Life. It has to be what the “I” have learned through a philosophy.
The “I” wants to “control” destiny. The “I” wants to make sure that there are no “mistakes.” Thus, fear appears and with that guilt and shame. Paradoxically, with those emotions, the “I” cannot be a deity, an angel or anything “elevated.”

“Practice over a long period of time” could lead into great repression, which is interpreted as “fighting against your evil side” and then the mind assumes that to be a “martyr,” a signal of being “good.”

Observe the assumptions. Observe how the “I” is enticed by an ideal, completely overlooking his current state.

Nevertheless and paradoxically, to “follow shrimat,” whatever it is; is beneficial as long as we are AWARE of the feelings that it brings and that we are honest with them. If someone wants to “fight it” for a long period of time, then that person will suffer and “karma” will be accordingly. Suffering is a way to feel that ego, which otherwise we could be unaware of.

That is why in my experience, the Brahma Kumaris path is a path to increase ego. That is very good indeed! for unless the ego is not ripe enough, someone is not ready to dissolve it.

Thus, concepts such as “numberwise,” “making effort,” and “shrimat,” are part of that method to increase ego.

“Look: I woke up every day for the last 20 years at 3:30 AM to DO Amrit Vela without missing a day.”
“Look: I opened (DOING) so many centers for Baba. I gave Gyan to 5000 people.”
“God has chosen me. I am especial.” “ I am an angel, a deity, an ocean of knowledge…”

Observe all the ways to increase that ego. Observe the system underneath; made for the ego to accomplish things, to be close to God, to become a Golden age deity, to become this or that, higher, elevated, pure, etc… Just observe.

For the common good.