About misinterpretation and ego

This post is in response to Shalini Bajpai’s comment.
First, I’d like to that thank you for taking the time to read my previous post and for sharing your viewpoint.

I’d like to reiterate that I feel thankful to the Brahma Kumaris experience. I’d like to reiterate that I am not writing here with the intention to put down gyan, or the BK system or anyone else. I am here simply sharing my experience. Why?
It is part of my destiny. It wasn’t “my” idea.
Avyakt7-NG as Ahnanda is happy to move on and to leave the past, as it is said: “past is past.”

In my experience, the BK experience was meant for me to increase my ego. It is not Gyan, but the whole BK experience.
Gyan or knowledge, is indeed pretty deep, so deep that 99% of BKs do not understand it, that is why they came to “bkgyan.wordpress.com” and Avyakt7, to make sense of it.
As a matter of fact, without having first hand experience, there is a high possibility to misunderstand gyan .
What do I mean?
As in any other religion, followers without the experience of their “guide,” were trying to make literal sense of his words. Have you noticed how the Murlis keep changing?

Many believe that the words in the Sakar Murli are the “words of God.”
It is conspicuous that those words now are not original, as they were said considering the time and circumstances. Thus, Brahma Baba’s teachings have been changed willingly or unwillingly, just like Christ’s, just like Buddha’s; just like any other self-realized being who had followers, who in turn made a religion out of his teachings, based solely on literal words.

Let me explain: You quoted probably something that I wrote sometime ago: “Ego can be very subtle.. say if someone disagrees with me, I feel hurt, this is ego..”

The issue is not to disagree with someone. The issue is to feel hurt. That honesty to see: “yes, I am hurt” is very important, because the mind will try to hide it, to rationalize it, to protect the “I.”

What Avyakt7-NG (Ahnanda) shares, is meant so the reader could see those words in themselves. It is not meant to be quoted.
Why? Because I could say the exact opposite at another time, depending on the circumstance, the setting.

If those shared words are in your experience, you will understand; otherwise, you will not.

That is all.
Avyakt7-NG, is not offering Paradise, Salvation or God. That is the offering of many religions. Most followers are content with just a belief to have faith in.
You believe in this. He believes in that. To believe that your belief is the “true” one… is just ego. All beliefs are equal.

To explain ego, is quite impossible. Nevertheless, ego is an illusion, a mirage… That is why it can be dissolved.

Once that “I” starts to dissolve, then all of those religious methods relying on the “I” to increase ego ( I am an angel, I am a soul, I am God’s child, I will go to heaven, I am making effort, I have found God, etc.) wither away.

Why is it necessary to increase ego?
That reason is part of the BK teaching: “Destruction will come at the utmost time of degradation… then Paradise.” It cannot come earlier.
So is with ego, it has to be ripe enough; and everyone is in a different stage of “ ego development.”

For the common good.