My personal experience with God

Thank you for your questions, Shalini and for your comments as well.
Avyakt7 had a belief in God.
The word God means many things for many people.
For a Christian, God is the creator. For a BK God is not the creator, but the Supreme Soul. Some believe that God is personal such as the BKs; others believe that God is omnipresent like most “New Age” religions. God is both personal and Omnipresent for other believers, as the Christians and Hare Krishna’s believe.

All just beliefs. Al equal even though contradictory.

If you want to read some  stories on Avyakt7’s experiences with “God,” you could read them here, also here and here. There are more stories but that is enough. 

As a BK, Avyakt7 had many experiences with “God.” From the subtle to the more obvious in front of “BapDada,” the type of experiences that make you feel good, because “God is happy with you, or God has smiled at you or given you toli just to you and not someone else…”
Yes… I felt “special.”  That is a big source of ego.  We are unique, but not special.
Those experiences allowed me to remain in the BK environment and I interpreted them as “rewards” from “my efforts.”
The ego was happy. I had “arrived.”

Avyakt7 found “God.” He had “special “ treatment among the thousands of BKs. Avyakt7 understood Gyan and was able to churn it like very few could… How is it possible for him to be out of the BK Life now?
Oh! Maya ate him!
Not quite.

Avyakt7 was at one point, posting his churnings for every Murli, every day. At the same time, Avyakt7 was having insights . Avyakt7 felt the truth inside him; but he ignored it for the sake of following his “special” ego trip. That is part of his journey.

After awhile, Avyakt7 felt repressed, suffocated. What he once saw as “black or white” directions from “God,” now they seemed authoritarian sources of fear.

However, help from “up above” is there for a honest heart. Just like Brahma Baba contacted my sister (Raysha – aka: BK Patricia) at one point in her Life,  we have a friendship with another being like him,  his name is Mathias. (See the “Awakening by Mathias.” section.)

I don’t want to go into unnecessary details but I have learned, healed and evolved through that contact. It is part of my Drama. I am thankful because Mathias was presented to me, not as “God,” (Although he could easily fit that description) but as a friend. I value his friendship. Mathias has helped my sister and I through difficult times in our Life. He said, that he is doing that as a friend, that is his role, for it is part of our Drama.

That is how I encountered, “self -realization.” We are all connected.  But as long as there is an “I” then, God is separate; but when that “I” goes away;  “you” are One.

The Ramayana says it clearly. Rama (God) asked Hanuman (devotee) who he was. Hanuman responded: “When I do not know who I am, I serve You and when I do know who I am, You and I are One.”

You asked me for a description of “God.” Hanuman’s reply  seems pretty good to me!
The above is my experience. I have responded your questions.

 For the common good.