Looking at Gyan from a different consciousness (1)

1.) Paradise or Heaven: Gyan does not explain “polarity” in the open, but numberwise, instead.

In polarity, we know that the experience of one extreme will bring the other, equally and with the same intensity. For instance, if my capacity to experience happiness is “deep,” my capacity to experience sorrow, will be “deep” as well and with the same intensity.
In BK knowledge; Brahma Baba was the first “pure,” and likewise the first “impure.”  This is polarity.
Note the word “deep” is only used in comparison with another, which is not accurate. There is no point of reference to compare to, but in BK Gyan; the word “purity” is used to compare individuals.  “Purity is numberwise,” it is said.

Gyan has used the concept of “numberwise,” which gives a “ranking” based on “effort” at the confluence age.

Brahma is not truly “number 1,” for everyone has a different capacity. We are unique, thus there is not possible comparison. There have been many beings of light before Brahma, many self-realized ones, before him, although that is not part of BK gyan. Why? Because the method in BK gyan entails to be a BK.

Picture a room full of different kind of glasses. Every glass has a capacity to be full of water, which is equal to the capacity to be empty of water. This is polarity. Because there is a big glass and smaller ones, we cannot say that the “big glass is better, or number 1;”  a smaller glass is not missing anything. It will be as full as its own capacity permits.

For instance, a Hawk has better vision than a Bat in daylight; but a bat does not need to have the vision of a hawk, for a bat is different. Then, why do we compare?

Similarly, is with Paradise. Everyone will obtain their highest and their lowest. Our experience is unique. Some are bats, others are hawks. 
Thus, to have “signed up” as a BK does not mean that someone is a “big glass,” or a “hawk.” It doesn’t matter what kind of glass we are. What matters is to be full, according to our capacity and because the “Drama is predestined,” eventually we will be full, but also empty. 

Thus, “numberwise” is taught without the above in mind, which only brings out our greed to compete, to become “number 1” in the BK practice. Every soul has different roles to fulfill, without comparison. All roles are equally important according to time. Those roles are needed as they are in the Drama, so it can repeat itself, identically.

“But… what about being a cremator in the Golden age, rather than a prince in my first birth?”

That is a misunderstanding in BK knowledge. A soul (next topic) is who we ARE, what we DO is of no consequence, for that is what is determined in the Drama. We are fulfilled as a soul in emptiness. The role is of no consequence when we are aware of polarity. To believe that a “prince is better than a cremator in the Golden age,” just shows our understanding determined by our cultural bias of role conscious individuals, DOING individuals.
BEING is not depending on a role. BEING happy is not depending on whether we burn corpses or sit around drinking mango lassi…

For the common good.