Looking at Gyan from a different consciousness (2)

The soul: For 99% of BKs, the word “soul” is the replacement of the word “I.” Therefore; “I” the soul will go to “heaven,” it is thought.

That intellectual misunderstanding for lack of awareness of the experience, brings one of the most dishonest statements:
“I am a soul, not a body.”
“The body is sick, but the soul is happy.” How many are faking it, saying something which actually they do not feel?
That is dishonesty.

The soul is empty of “I.” Empty of individuality. The predestined roles of that soul will give the “I.” The roles are like planets of the solar system. The soul is like the Sun, shining its light across all planets, giving them Life. Every planet has a different role according to how close or further away a planet is from the Sun. Every planet is an “I.”
To say “I, the soul” is senseless. To say that one particular planet (role) is “better or more desirable” than another is not to understand that all roles are part of the experience.

The soul is the essence, but the role played in the Drama brings individuality, once that role is gone; that “I” is gone as well. However, because the soul FEELS the role, there may be identification with a particular role (ego) which will bring a “trauma” in the next role. That is what Brahma Baba used to refer as the “rust.” That is why healing those traumas is of paramount importance to clear the “rust.”

Because the soul is completely empty, void; it is everything but at the same time it is nothing; that is how we are all one, in that nothingness and not in that “I-ness.”
Every role of a human soul will bring an experience, which will bring greater ego as identification occurs with the role. This is what it is known as “entropy” in BK gyan as Jagdish Chandra Hassija used that word to explain how the Drama becomes “less pure.” Nevertheless, that “entropy” is natural, it is growth; for through polarity; that soul will reach all its destined roles which are necessary as they are, perfect. Becoming “less pure” is a necessity for Life is change; that is how the Golden age cannot be “better” than any other age. Every role fits a particular age in the Drama.

The question “who am I?” Is already setting up the answer, which needs to contain the word “I” or a replacement of that word (soul.) When we live in the mind, that question is important, but that question only divides artificially, what cannot be divided. That is why, rather than asking “who am I?” observe, that “I” without further concepts and ideologies. Become aware of it, to know.

The soul is eternal, but so are the roles, and so is the Drama. Thus, everything is eternal, perfect. Nothing can be added or taken away by the “I” to make it “better.”
Life is a wonderful experience once the mind knows its place: Neither boss nor servant.

For the common good.