Vices and Virtues in BK Gyan

Vices and virtues:
BK philosophy makes a very strong distinction between what is considered to be “good or bad.” It is a dualistic religion.
Even though, it is known that the “Drama is predestined.” Even though it is known that “The Drama is beneficial.”
That distinction creates a rejection in the BK follower for certain things. A “distaste” as the Murli points out.

One of those rejections are known as the “vices.” The opposite to pursue are the “virtues.”
In BK gyan, the “vices” are “bad.” “Virtues,” “good.”
Lust, attachment, ego, greed and anger are the main vices to avoid, to have distaste of.
Because there is no understanding of vices as traumatic experiences, there is a rejection rather than understanding.  “Conquer the vice” it is preached.

We cannot “conquer,” what we cannot understand. We cannot understand what we reject. 

What is the root cause of lust? A repression to enjoy pleasure at all levels. The “I” is repressed thus, that repression builds up. Lust is showing us that repression.
What about attachment? The belief/attitude/emotion that someone or something is necessary for us to be happy.
What about greed? Something or someone is needed to enhance our perception of the “I.” We want that, because it enhances “me.”
Interestingly, when that greed is about “Heaven,” then the word used to describe that type of greed is “pure greed.”
What about anger? The inability of the “I” to deal with “what is.”
And ego?
That is the one who feels all of those things…

Rather than observe the “vices,” to become aware of them; there is distaste for those “traumas.”
Then, the system builds up a “vacuum” to live “protected” from those “evils;” that is repression through rejection.

Celibacy: That is rejection of sex, thus; not true celibacy. That is the way the system has to deal with lust.
To deal with attachment, attach yourself to God. (thus, remain attached.)
To deal with greed; only have greed for the divine and reject the mundane. (Have “pure” greed.)
To deal with anger; repress it. Don’t let it out.
What about ego? Let the hierarchy, the system of “In charge” deal with that. If you do not get toli, if you do not get a trip to Madhuban, if you do not get a golden ring from the in charge; those things will show you your ego; but you should learn to be submissive, which is known in the system as being “humble.”

Many BKs will play rebels of the system. They could leave the system without realizing the opportunity they had to observe that ego, that “I.” Instead, these individuals will have grudges against the system, anger will surface as the ego has been hurt.Leaving the system is the opportunity to express that repression with reaction towards the BK system.

That is why I mentioned that the whole BK system is meant to increase ego. That is their function. Those who are AWARE of it, those who look inside, will have a thankful attitude once they cross the valley of the BK system and are able to look at things from the mountain of a different experience. At that point, everything makes sense.

For the common good.