Becoming "number 1"

One of the interesting aspects about the BK religion in my experience, was the continuous assurance that “ I am number 1.” “I am important.” “I am a true Brahmin.” “I know the truth,” “I know God.” “I will go to heaven.” “Wah! My fortune!!”

It is through that shield of “I-ness” how ego develops into self-righteousness. “ I know more than …” “I am more fortunate than…”

The appeal for the masses is tremendous. “I may not have wealth, fame and health now, but in the future, I will. Not only that, but I know God. He is there protecting ME.”
The “I,” The “Me,” continually is build up.

To make that appeal even stronger, “I am in the good side, the Godly side, helping God and having distaste for what is not righteous.”  “Righteous” is a definition based on someone standards. My belief is that it is “God’s standards… for I know the truth.”

“God has founded the BK religion unlike any other religion.”
“God is speaking only to us.” “No one else but us, BKs.”
“In my first birth, I will be a deity. I am an ancestor soul.” “I am someone.”

That “pure” pride is a way to build up that ego.

While watching “Kung Fu” the other day I heard this teaching: “A man truly himself will not enrich his own interests and make a virtue of poverty. He goes his way without depending on others, yet is not arrogant that he needs no other. The greatest man is nobody.” – Master Kan, quoting CHUANG TZU Chap. 17 #3.

If God could say to me “You are nobody.” Wouldn’t I consider that an insult?
Could my ego dismiss that entity as God?
Wouldn’t it take maturity, experience, to understand that this “I” is a fiction which needs to be pampered to the point where it is necessary to dissolve it?

Then I heard another teaching in “Kung Fu.”
“Do not the ancients say, ‘Rank and reward have no appeal for a man one with himself.'” – Master Kan quoting CHUANG TZU Chapter 17 #3

Have I gotten to the point where I AM one with myself?
“I am a soul not a body.” “I am an angel.” “I am a deity.” “ I am a….”

For the common good.