Gyan and the process in Life

In one BK retreat I attended years ago, I recall a senior sister wondering why BKs use the word “process” when Baba never uses it.

“Process” does not fit the “Black and White” model of “Now or never.” It doesn’t fit the easy labeling of “pure and impure.”
Besides, even though Baba may have not used that word, Gyan is about process. Baba mentions how the “Drama moves slowly as a louse.” That is in fact, process, or how “day changes into night,” that is process as well. It doesn’t happen right away, there is a process.

When the mind is caught up with words, it is unable to see the depth behind the words.

Therefore, “process” is part of Gyan.

A process is the outcome of 2 apparent opposite forces, which are complementary. This interplay gives movement, change.
Anything that lacks movement is mind made.

Heaven and Hell, good and bad, day and night have movement, change.
However, hell is not the opposite of heaven, but complementary. In other words, if it wasn’t for hell, there wouldn’t be heaven. Therefore, it does not make any sense to use the “black or white” statement that “heaven is better than hell,” for both will be experienced and one will bring the other. The intensity of your “hell” will give the intensity of your “heaven.”

It is said: “ As it is above, it is below.”
This expression is merely referential. There is no movement; therefore it is mind made, it is all the same. It is like “ what is outside is inside.” There is no separation between outside and inside, for they are the same.
Nevertheless, for many; there is outside and there is inside which are different things. In fact, the whole spiritual “practice” is how the “inside” can control or influence the “outside.”
That is spirituality for the masses.

That is why rather than to try to change or influence the outside, we may need to be AWARE of “that,” for that is the inside.
Change happens from the inside through AWARENESS, openness, then the outside will match. This change is a process; therefore, according to Life.

When we truly understand this, we know that between 2 “black or white” words  such as “pure and impure” there is a process which needs to be respected. If we are not aware of that, then we will be violent towards another or ourselves.