The “advance party,” “ancestor souls” and other “I”-ness trips in Gyan

1. Can you please explain about the ‘advance party’ as well as the ‘ancestor souls’ ….. And their roles pls? Many thanks

As “avyakt7,” there are many articles written about that topic in “Exploring the Depth of Living.”
Now, as “avyakt7- New generation: Ahnanda,” I have a different perception.

Observe the story. “I AM great.” “I Am an ancestor soul, from the Golden age. That is the best of all ages in the kalpa. First, I am a Brahmin soul, the “top notch,” then I become part of the “Advance party” after my BK days are over… and then I will become an angel, and after that a Deity, an ancestor soul.”

How do I get the ticket to the advance party? By being a BK “now.” How do I get the ticket to be a Deity, an ancestor soul? By being a BK now. No one else can do that unless they are scientists who will be needed by arts driven BKs. Even though they could be part of the “greatness,” they will have a lower status unlike mine, a full BK!

What is the issue with the above statement of greatness?
It is based on the future. It is mind driven. It is no longer about who I am “now,” but about what I can become, based on a story. Even though the soul does not have “I” in it, “I” believe that “I” will be an angel, a deity, an ancestor soul, etc.

In reality, none of that helps for self-realization, but it is helpful to increase the ego; which is important in our journey, as explained in previous articles, Thus; all is beneficial!

For Ahnanda, those stories even if true, don’t make any difference in his inner observation. Even though there may be true, those stories only build up and caress the ego. Ahnanda knows that he has been through the “ego booster” beliefs already. It was a necessary part of his path; now it is not.

Many new seekers, living in the mind will ask: “What is the purpose of Life? Why am I here?”
These people only want an answer. “The purpose of Life is to be part of the advance party when you die. You are here because you will be a Deity, worshipped by all.” If they believe that answer, their mind will be happy; however, their consciousness will be the same. Nothing has changed in them.
From Ahnanda’s perspective those types of mental questions are meaningless now. When you step away from the mind, there is a different perspective which cannot be told to another, you have to discover it.

2. How is the Drama “beneficial”? Gyan says that BABA tells us so…..but besides the fact it is eternal… How is it of benefit??

The Drama is beneficial means that the Drama is not detrimental, disadvantageous.
I just used the antonyms of the word “beneficial” to come up with than answer. Clever huh?
“Beneficial” is a word used to try to describe what cannot be described.
The Drama is a circle. Everything repeats exactly. The movement, the change is driven by polarity. Your “highest” and your “lowest” are related. It is the same energy at different polarities. Therefore, it is guaranteed to reach your highest if you have experienced your lowest. “High and Low” are just words, which we take as “good and bad.” That is the issue with duality based religions and belief systems.
High and low are just different levels of experiences, all necessary, thus all “good,” thereby; all beneficial.
For the common good.