Question on BK food items

“Your thoughts and experience on BK’s code of conduct on food? How important is food in our spiritual progress?”

Thank you for your question.
In BK knowledge it is said: “As it is your food, so your mind.”
That is good to be aware of until you discover that “you” are not “your mind.” Just as “you” are not “your” arm.

BK Knowledge will give us the basics for food to avoid, which will have a distinct impact on our minds; but that only depends on where you are in your spiritual path.

What you ARE goes along with what you need to eat and that may change. To say: “Brahma Baba was lacto vegetarian, so I must be that” is to forget about who you ARE now.
For instance, Ahnanda eats vegetables and fruits, also eggs but he does not take any dairy products unless they come in the food already. Ahnanda does not eat meat, not because it is bad, tamopradhan food, but because Ahnanda’s system does not need it at this time. His BEING does not agree with that at this time. Ahnanda eats garlic and onions when they are included in the food he is eating.

Eggs, garlic and onions could have some effect in Ahnanda’s mind; but Ahnanda is not his mind. At the same time, garlic and onions are powerful antioxidants which makes them a protection against heart conditions and cancer. Eggs has needed protein as well as good taste (I love their taste and that was one of my repressions as a BK,) which is necessary to enjoy Life.

Everything that Nature offers is “good,” but we need to learn when to use those items.
At one time Ahnanda inhaled mold by living in a place with scarce ventilation during his time as a BK. Mold affects your lungs. What was the cure?
To eat raw garlic for a few days and to take apple cider as well. Those natural remedies cured me from my breathing difficulties.

To break my belief at that time that “garlic is bad, it will make me lustful” was a necessary step to get well.
From that experience, I learned to be grateful to Life and the natural remedies that it provides.

Thus, the consciousness while you are eating something is more important that what you are eating.
A consciousness with gratefulness affects who I AM, the feelings that make me who I AM.

Ahnanda prepares most of the time his own food, but he also eats in restaurants with gratefulness and enjoys his food.
Yes, it is important to prepare food in a good state, but not because someone DOES a practice such celibacy or any other, is a guarantee that their stage is “good” and the food “pure.” That person may be repressing, upset, sad, etc; which will in turn affect more sensitive persons.
Being grateful of what you eat is key for our spiritual “improvement.” Being sensible of what to eat, when to eat, where to eat and how much to eat; is the key to maintain a balanced, nourished body.
To realize that we are constantly changing is to be aware that our needs will change as well, in that way mental beliefs will be used only as long as they are useful for us.

That wisdom requires awareness.

For the common good.