The BK family and the lokik family

Without the previous BK experience, I wouldn’t be able to understand many things that I know now.

In the BK path, I discovered that in fact I had some “karmic accounts” with some BKs. Many buttons were pushed; that is why in the BK movement, the description of it as a “family” is used. We’ve know many of the people there already in another Life experience.

Nevertheless what is little known in the BK movement is that our “blood family” now, sets up the way that we will react towards those karmic accounts. “I” is not an isolated thing. My ancestors are expressed in me now.

Observe your family members. The ‘good’ and he ‘bad’ that you see in them, is within you as well. If you cannot see yourself truly, start by looking at your immediate family members.
Therefore, to heal ourselves is to recognize the roots of those feelings/emotions as learned  from our ancestors. We are born in a particular family with particular characteristics, which are necessary in our current Life processes, but just like beliefs; those traits are necessary at one point in our lives, but after sometime those traits are an obstacle to our inner development, so we need to learn to let them go at one point.

Therefore, to put our “blood family” in the “not important” box for the sake of being only with a “more elevated family” is to make a great mistake in our spiritual development.

Everyone is equally important, however; there is a timing for everyone.

In the “unlimited,” the whole Universe is our true family, but our genes, our blood family and their ancestors bring forward the “ego” that we are trying to “conquer,” (according to the Murli) but in a more accurate word, to “dissolve.”

For the common good.