Fascination with numbers

This writing is in response to this question.

When you are living in the mind, numbers become important.
For instance, if I say the following numbers: “1, 8, 108, 16108, 4, 12, 21, 42” and I ask you : Give me a Murli reference on those numbers; certainly you will know.

Let me ask: What is the benefit of knowing how many births we can have in the Silver age? What is the benefit of knowing that the Kalpa has 4 ages? In which way knowing that 8 are the top souls, will benefit me?

All of that is useless information when it refers to self-transformation. As far as the mind, it may be important “trivia,” which is giving us the illusion that “we know.”

Numbers do not exist in the “reality” of feelings. You see a flock of birds flying, it is a sight to behold… but the mind wants to count: “I saw 24 birds flying in a v shape formation the other day…” The mind is fulfilled but not the heart for the mind does not allow us to enjoy the moment.
The above is the preface to answer your question.

BKs in general, have a fascination and fear with the date of “destruction,” which is paradoxical when BK knowledge says that we are “eternal souls.” This is a good example of DOING but not BEING.
According to the Indian tradition, as written in the Bhagavad Gita, “Brahma lives 100 years.” However, “those years are composed of 1000 Maha yugas which is one day of Brahma.” BK knowledge may believe that 100 years is a literal number of years.
1936, 2036 and even 1976 are dates pertaining those 100 years in relation with the life of Brahma Baba.

What is the bottom line?
By placing a date for destruction, the mind is in pressure to arrive to its “destination,” whether that is to BE soul conscious or to BE saved. The mind doesn’t know how to get there, but still it believes it does. Thus, some individuals may DO things such as: Sell their property, abandon any link with society, move to Mount Abu and Madhuban, etc. because they want to be “saved.”
So much for soul consciousness.

There is no doubt that there will be transformation of the World through destruction. Newness comes out of destruction, otherwise it cannot be “new.” It is natural, the way of Life, however; everything is eternal and “repetitive” even though it looks new.
The masses are unaware of how we are destroying the planet. Through human morality; that is “bad.” Through the knowledge of the unlimited; that is just the way things are… part of the Drama.

That destruction may happen tomorrow or may happen in 200 years, but it will happen.
Therefore, what is the issue? Why so much hype?
Our death is certain whether we worry about it or not. As a matter of fact, our natural death may come before destruction; thus those dates are meaningless, except to create ways for people to “move faster” in their “efforts;” which does not depend on the “I” to change. As they are unaware of this, the “I” keeps growing.

The BK movement is a method to increase our ego to the utmost, which is necessary in the path of self realization. The BK movement caresses the “I” in many ways, but when we are unaware of it, we only shift the blame on them when the “I” is not satisfied. When in reality, it is the “I” with hidden agendas of becoming “special” using the BK movement as a tool to fulfill the ego trip.

For the common good.