Teachings from the BK system

Thank you for your interesting question.
Let me say that the ego trip is everything. The teaching and the lesson to learn.
The bottom line is always ego, and it must increase before it dissolves.
When ego is not recognized, many “spiritual beliefs” appear according to our experiences. For example, in BK knowledge there are 5 main “vices” to “conquer.”
Many BKs “will work on” a particular vice as if this was a task to “DO.” “This is lust. I will work on conquering it, then; I will go onto attachment and then ego…” We may feel good when we  say that “plan,” but there is no inner observation in those words.
Those so-called “vices” are but the manifestation of the ego in different degrees according to where an individual is in his path.

I learned from the BK system many things.
For instance, I never had an experience with Subtle entities before my BK experience. That experience changed my Life. An entity who knows about you, inside and out better than you and also your past, present and future… That must be God! With that belief, I started my journey through the BK system.

However, the knowledge of the “Cycle of Time,” was the most important aspect that I have learned in the BK system. It wasn’t just second hand knowledge, but I had an experience, which allowed me to understand beyond words. That is why Avyakt7’s “specialty” was the cycle of time. The cycle truly shows that we are all ONE.

I am also thankful to the BK system for teaching me to rely on myself for my own needs. Of course, the next step for me was not to rely on the BK support at all, as a child grows and does not depend on his parents anymore. That is the way of Life.

The BK system teaches discipline. Discipline is good for your spiritual evolution. Discipline is not supposed to be a tyrant by imposing practices in your Life, but rather discipline is helpful as long as it allows you to enjoy Life to the fullest. Otherwise, we become “renunciates,” which is a form of rejection towards Life. Discipline goes along with flexibility, as love with detachment.

Looking back, the BK system gave me all the basic tools that I needed to explore my spiritual path and gain insight through an experience: Food, meditation (I had enjoyable experiences,) to enjoy silence, celibacy, to wake up early, to go to bed early, to enjoy my own company, etc.
Also, I learned about the mind, although in theory. It was after the BK life, when I was able to experience the mind fully and to know feelings from mind/thoughts.

To put it in a nutshell; if you look at the sky and see a rainbow; BK knowledge allowed me to separate the different colors and to match those colors to the knowledge the BK system gave me. The rainbow must match in my mind, the picture given by the BK system.

Now, I see a rainbow. There are colors but those are not separate. The meaning of the rainbow is not in mental “knowing,” but in enjoying the moment.
However, I also know about the different colors of the rainbow and that truly those colors are one (white light.)

Both perspectives are “good,” but none the “ only true one.”
My experience in the BK system was of great help for my spiritual development.

For the common good.