Exiting the BK world

I haven’t seen articles about this topic. You may find emotional articles where ex-members vent their frustrations, their agonies, their new beliefs about the organization, etc.
This is not about that. It has nothing to do with the Organization and how it negatively affected “you” rather than “positively” which we tend to forget.
But… It has to do with how “you” feel “now.”

Everything comes down to your feelings. That is why, it becomes important to learn to discern feelings from mind.

When you feel that you no longer fit, that is your time. If you have doubts of those feelings, then your time is not up yet. You need to stay. If you feel that you have found your place; good for you… you will be fulfilled. That is the sign.

It sounds so simple, but like I said before; to be clear, honest with yourself, maybe the hardest thing in the World.
“You” don’t create your feelings. Those are already there. It is your path.
The “I” driven by the mind interferes by creating “choices,” “pros and cons,” “right and wrong” criteria.

The “I” cannot fool what you truly  feel. A point will come when, you will feel suffocated as if Life is no longer enjoyable, even though your belief strongly supports that “You have found God.”

When you are ready to find “yourself,” you cannot hide behind anyone, including God.

Yes, we could find plenty of “reasons” to show ourselves how “smart” we are in leaving what we embraced before; we could find plenty of faults with the Organization, call them with pejorative labels, just to save face, to save that “I.”

When you are ready to discover “yourself,” truly… you may find out that what you already think you know, is worthless.
The risk to miss Paradise cycle after cycle is there. The “I” wants to be “saved.” There is fear, great fear to “divorce God,” but your life “now” is not worth living it under fear and inner dishonesty. Those traits cannot possibly allow you to fly free into the unknown; into discovering “you” beyond all beliefs, beyond all etiquettes, beyond all commandments.
That takes utmost courage.
When you learn to listen to your feelings, honesty flows from you into the sky.

That is how you learn to “practice” honesty without even practicing it.