The deep routed Fear of Leaving

Thank you for your question.
How to overcome that deep routed fear?
By being aware of it.
Become fully aware that it is FEAR. Let us not sugar coat that feeling with “nice” words, such as using the word “love” instead of the feeling of fear.
Let us not think that “I should be loving. I shouldn’t feel this thing. It is Maya.” That is to sugar coat the real feeling.
Once you recognize that fear, recognize what do you fear about? What is the object of that fear?
Is it a mental belief about the “future” or something “real” in the “now”? Is it a tale, second hand knowledge about what will happen in the “future”? Is it what others will think about you? Is it what the organization will label you as? Is it that you have “invested” so much through years of faithful membership?
Discover that object of fear.
Then what?

Get to know that object of fear. Make a point on knowing it. If you cannot, if you cannot meet that source of fear, then it is a mental belief.

Let me give an example. Let us say that you are a “surrendered soul.” The reality is that if you leave, you may not have skills to survive. You may not even have money to live. That is “real” fear. It is in the “now.” That “real” fear could be resolved “now” as well. But… Become aware of the real reasons as to why you are in the organization. You may be dependent. That dependency could be financial, emotional, ego-trip, attachment, faithful to an experience with Baba, etc… discover that fear. It is everything but… Love.

Observe that this experience is helping you to discover who you truly ARE… fear at this time, the “now.”
If you fear, there is no Love.

I am not persuading you to DO anything. I have known many individuals who felt that they fit in the organization, they love it, they have found “home.” That is great! Excellent! You should see that happiness in their faces. If it is not there, if you have to “make an effort to work on that,” then you are just being dishonest to your feelings.

Isn’t honesty a virtue?
You are in front of the pool. You may jump or you may go back. Fear may take you back to a safe site, but then… you will never know how to swim by yourself.
“Why are you in front of the pool with your swimming attire, then?”

That is the question that you should ask and answer by yourself.

For the common good.