Surrendering to Life

Today is “Mama’s day.”
What is what you remember about her?
In my case, some of the interesting “murlis” she wrote. Whether those “Murlis” were original or not, well translated or not, I will never know. Most BKs at this time, didn’t know her. For most, it is a question of tradition. Mama was selected as a symbol of the Brahma Kumaris institution as an example, an “ideal” for others to follow.

What is the meaning for you? In which way that tradition will help you in your self-realization?
That is for you to answer.

For many, an institution is greater than an individual; but self-realization is for individuals and not for institutions. As a matter of fact, not all individuals. It is not a “mass” event. It is for the ones who are ready.
Yes… you could be a senior in the organization or you could be part of the unknown, incognito masses. Your “status” doesn’t matter.

My sister Raysha (Patricia) personally knew Dadi Ji. She used to see light and beauty in Dadi Ji. She was able to see that even though most people with excellent eyesight around her were not be able to recognize that. It would be a wonder if Dadi Ji could be recognized if she wasn’t part of the chief administration. My sister Raysha is able to see beauty and light in other beings as well who are not BKs.
Those humans are in the path of self-realization.

That is the beauty at this time. There are many roles necessary as they are for the world to change, to evolve. Krishna’s parents could have been “impure” by BK standards, but without them; there wouldn’t be Krishna. Who are we to make preferences and selections in assigned roles by the Drama?

All we need to know is if we are BEING honest with our roles. That is all.

Without that honesty of looking inside, there is no knowledge, no practice, no religion that will be able to “improve” our state of being. Honesty has to happen first. The path within the line of that honesty is the one that will take us “back home.”

If you are EVERYTHING but not honest with yourself, you become an “actor.”
To “act” by being someone who you are not is to live unfulfilled “now” and thus, in the “future.” To sacrifice for an ideal is to throw away the role and trust that Life has given you.
Yes.. You are a soul, but before that; there is a role to fulfill which does not depend on the controlling nature of the “I” to be “someone” in the future. That individual role is exactly what the soul needs to experience, to move on, to evolve, to change, to become one with Life.

Surrender to Life as the leaf surrenders to the current of the river… That surrendering of the leaf is not meant to follow the path of the river, but the way to get to the immense Ocean.

For the common good.