God is bound by the Drama

That is perhaps one of the most important points of any sakar Murli.
I recall the “reasoning” in Murli class: “God is so humble… That is why He said that.”

Later in my Life, I started to understand that point as the statement was faced, without beliefs.
The Drama is the almighty. 
Who is the Drama?
All of us, all that exists, the interplay and change of all. LIFE itself.  Isn’t that a keyword is Ahnanda’s writings?  Experience the Depth of Living – LIFE.

That is how a misunderstanding arose: “We are all God.” ” God is omnipresent.” That is the price of intellectual understanding without experience.
God cannot change the Drama. Neither the “I.”

BK knowledge as explained in the “7 day course, “ depends on the existence of the “I.”
Even though the “I,” the ego, is only a particular state of consciousness; that “I” is not “real.” That is why ego can be dissolved. It is not the “I” dissolving his ego, but it happens when the time is ripe… after the “I” has grown to the utmost…according to the Drama.

Because the “I” exists in most consciousness, the concepts of “free will,” and “predestination,” appear. Those concepts cannot exist unless there is an “I.”

These lines that “I” wrote, have been written in the exact way many times already. It is not “I” who is writing these lines for with observation; the words are coming through “me.” I am not thinking about them.
That is why the mirage of “making a choice” is there. The “I” is the one choosing based on conditioning.

That conditioning may not agree with our feelings according to our role; however, that experience of dissonance, of thinking in one way and feeling in another; is fixed in the Drama.

Therefore, here is one deep “truth” to ponder: “Whether you go left or right. It is according to the Drama. There is no destination, for it is a circle, a kalpa. We go through experiences in Life, according to the roles of the soul; which are neither good, nor bad. Those are only experiences of polarity for an eternal BEING, experiences which are necessary for the Totality, the whole.”

If we understand the above fully; would you be concerned if you will go to Heaven? Would you be concerned if you “destroy your fortune”?

There is no way the “I” can make anything. Everything is already made. We just go through the circle one more time. Even though we do not remember it, we have been there before. Nothing new. Your “fortune” is already made.
Does it mean that “I” can sit around and wait for my fortune to unfold?
If you sit around, that is what will unfold. That experience will take you to another experience, which in turn will take you into another, in another Lifetime.
Would you be sitting around there? Not a chance, for you have experienced that already. That is your “fortune.” 🙂

Your “fortune” does not depend on your actions. It is a reflection of who you ARE.  The Buddha is siting under a tree. Enlightenment happened to him. He was sitting around. You may sit under a tree, you are DOING the same thing.. but you ARE not the same BEING.

Your concept, your belief may trap you in this Life, but the Drama will take you to the opposite experience. 

Therefore, what is the sensible thing to DO?
Enjoy the ride, guilt free, stress free. That is to be “fearless.”
This may be misunderstood by some as being lazy,  as trying to promote laziness. Therefore, only those who have experienced what I am trying to convey, will understand. Every reader will read the same lines, but understand it differently. That is the wonder!

For the common good.