“I am a soul” not a body

Deeply, the “I” wants permanence.
I recall that my sister was the one who gave me the “news” once she took the first class of Raja Yoga.
She asked me: “Who are you?” It seemed like a strange question to me. Don’t you know who I am? Your brother. Then my Christian background kicked in: “ I am a spirit created by God.”
“No!,” she said with great conviction. “You are a soul.”

Then I asked: “What is a soul?” She replied: “ A point of light, residing in the middle of your forehead.”
Wow! She knew the address of that soul. How can I dispute that?

That is how the word “soul” appeared in my vocabulary.
When I joined the Brahma Kumaris, the bottom line was “to be soul conscious” thus, every experience I had beyond my 5 physical senses, were automatically part of the experience of the “soul.”

That is how “spirituality” started as the belief that anything in the realm beyond the physical, was great to experience, but; every experience in the physical realm was a step backwards.
After all, “ I am not a body.” It is in that denial of the body, how “pain” in the body became an incentive to experience the most elevated, the soul… but pleasure of the body… that was the devil, Maya.

To go from one extreme into the other, is without a doubt, the job of the mind.

Yes, the mind appeared with more concepts to embrace. More ideas of what was “divine,” and what was “mundane.”
We may think that we are “souls.” We have the description of how a soul looks like and where it is “located.” ( Amazingly, location is a property of physical things, not “spiritual” things.)
We may even think that we have “felt it.” (It is the “I” feeling the soul.)
However, in the consciousness of most, the word soul, just replaces the word body, with the added feature of denying that which we truly are aware of, our body.

That brings an interesting dilemma: To deny that which I am aware of, for the sake of embracing that which I am not aware of to be. The belief is: Sometime in the future, after many years of “practice,” “I” will be aware of the “soul.”

The “I” is willing to take that leap of faith for the sake of eternal permanence, but the “I” does not realize that its own existence is the whole “problem.”
“I” is the “soul,” we believe. In the meantime, we make small mistakes like saying: “My soul.” Then, we believe to get it right, when we say: “I , the soul.”

All word games, all in the mind.

When “I” am not. “I” am. Use any label to describe “I am not,” it doesn’t matter.

Who are you?
“I” am not. Thus, what I can’t be?
Please don’t take this lightly as playing with words, for there is greater depth there, than what it seems at first sight.

Of course, if the above hasn’t been experienced, it will be yet another belief, another thing to talk about intellectually, another potential religion, etc.

When you are a “soul,” the ego, the “I,” the role is not. “You” are empty. Emptiness.

That will be pretty hard to accept by the “I.” 🙂

For the common good.