The misunderstanding of sanskaras

When the “I” is important, then the “I” creates sanskaras.

What is a sanskara? A mental impression or psychological imprints believed to carry over from every Lifetime. The “soul” will carry those imprints.
The application of this belief is as follows: “While DOING our karma (action) we need to remember that this is getting “recorded” in the soul. These impressions are permanent recordings which we will experience in this life and future lives.”
What is the message?
Warning! Be careful with what “you” DO. You may make costly mistakes.
It doesn’t matter what you ARE. Don’t look at that. Replace that with some thought out DOING (karma) which will be “good” for “you.”

The “I” has to BE good by DOING what is believed to be “good” to get “good” things in Life.
Be smart, rather than honest.
“Heaven” is good for you. Therefore, DO actions to take you there.
What are those actions?
DO “service” like opening centers, helping to spread a religion so everyone knows about it.

What is the sanskar that will be recorded there?
“I” am doing this for my own good. “I” am a manipulator. What “I” believe to be “good” should be good for everyone. What is the sanskara that will be recorded?

What is “service” then?
To DO what I believe others need.
What is the sankara to be recorded?
“I” am above you. Ego.

How is it possible to go to Heaven with those sanskaras?
All it takes is a belief.

Sanskaras are the byproduct of Living Life. Beliefs, experiences, taboos, hang ups, ideals, family ties, all of that, will manifest at some point. It may not be in this or the next Life time, it may be later on. We do not know. All we know is that every sankara has 2 ends. Some people call one end as “positive,” and the other end as “negative.” In their belief, the thing to DO is to get rid of the negative, so the positive remains.

That is a complete illusion. Just remember this piece of knowledge:
“The Drama is predestined.” Meaning: Sanskaras are predestined. Our experiences are predestined. The Drama goes from one side of the end, into the other side… and then repeats again!
Who is that “I” who wants to be saved?
The “I” wants to be a “detached observer,” when already has an idea of what is convenient for him.

When there is “no-I” there is no predestination. “You” are a detached observer.
Thus, you may be in “Heaven” without DOING a thing.

Many times what we think we know, can work against us. The veil of knowledge can glorify the mind, but the sanskara needed to be in Heaven is the one of “no-mind.”
Have you seen an intellectual deity? A knowledge-full deity?
That emptiness is “achieved” after being full of the mental knowledge, full of the ego of knowing.
Sooner or later, that will need to go just to BE.

In the Observation of “what is” resides the solution of the puzzle. The “I” will try to fix what is meant to be observed, aware of. Once we know what we ARE, once we identify our beliefs, hang ups, traumas and taboos; then Life will offer the solution to dissolve those.  

The use of fancy names like “Sanskara,” Karma,” “mind,” “intellect,” only confuses through labeling what only needs to be observed. It doesn’t matter if what you feel “now” came from some “bad karma” performed in the 1700. What matter is that it has been identified “now.”  That awareness, that honesty of seeing without filters, bring the steps to unlearn what has  been learned.

Awareness is the key.