The Drama is predestined

Thousands of Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters, have heard this “Murli point” so many times, but yet 99% of BKs cannot “make sense” of it.
The “I” making decisions, thinking about every action, for the ramifications could affect “my” experience in Heaven…

“The Drama is predestined, but we don’t know what is going to happen, therefore, it is on you to change things based on knowledge.” “If you DO something and that doesn’t have a positive effect in your efforts, then; that is the Drama.”
“You need to DO something, for otherwise the Drama will not move.”
“First “I” DO then, it is Drama.”

All of the above is not accurate.
“Confusion” is there, because Brahma Kumaris knowledge as it is taught, relies on the existence of the “I” as a separate entity from the Drama.

Let me illustrate the above.
Please watch the link below.
It is a clip from one of my favorite superheroes, the “Batman.”

What is the outcome of Bruce Wayne- Batman (The young guy) being in that prison and willing to escape?
That he will escape and through that the other prisoners will escape as well.
That is the Drama. It is the script to be performed.

Bruce Wayne does not have any knowledge about the “soul” or the “spirit.” He IS anger. He knows that. He doesn’t deny that anger. Without that energy of anger, he wouldn’t have the drive to escape and overcome fear.
Notice how the Drama “uses” every human for a particular role: Advising Bruce Wayne, cheering him up, allowing him to train and BE.

Bruce Wayne could have been caught up with the “I.”
“I” shouldn’t be here. “I” may fail. “I” may die.
Anger is not what Bruce Wayne chose in Life. The Drama expressed that emotion through him. Every experience in Bruce Wayne’s life was leading to the moment when he had to make the jump.

Bruce Wayne may think that “he made the choice,” but that anger driving him into the jump, wasn’t his choice.
It was in the Drama.

That movie “The Dark Night rises” is Life, the Drama. Bruce Wayne is an actor of that movie along the others. His actions in that movie are predetermined, predestined according to the script written by the writers of the movie. Bruce Wayne has “no choice” but to escape from jail and allow the others to escape… whatever he may do, will lead into that scene. All of his previous experiences in Life, in his childhood, have changed his consciousness to be that way, the hero type:
His parents were assassinated. “Bad karma,” right?
His love in Life murdered and before that she chose another person. “Bad karma,” right?
He lost all of his possessions, his “inheritance.” “Bad karma,” right?
All of that, just prepared him for the jump to “save others.”
Is that “bad karma” or “good karma”? 😉

Through living that scene of Life, everyone will change. Their consciousness will open to other realities.

All actors have in common a particular role in Life. That role is their consciousness. They can only “see” what the consciousness for their role dictates.
That consciousness is not for them to change. The “I” cannot DO that.
However, that consciousness will change through Life experiences.

Every episode in Life has us, as the protagonists. There is a script which needs to be performed and Life manifests that through us. Life does not use us, for we are Life itself, the Drama itself.

Therefore, the Drama is predestined when the “I” is outside of it. When inside, there is no “I” thus, it cannot be predestination.

The Drama is repetitive, when we observe that past, present and future do not exist as different things in reference to the “I,” but is a continuity. Every moment is eternal for it will repeat again. What truly exists is “now” as long as we are aware of it.
Why the Drama repeats?
Obviously for self-continuity. It is eternal.
What should “you” be afraid of?
What are you going to miss?
If you go left, you will go right.
If you go down, you will go up.
If you are anger, you will be compassionate. Every role is different. Today “you” are a womanizer, 3 lives down the road; “you” will be a priest. Is that good or bad?

As a womanizer you cared for many people. As a priest, you only cared about yourself. As a priest, you embraced spirituality; as a womanizer you despised anything spiritual.
Enjoy the roles, the movie, for it will change… but… It will repeat again!