The fairness of the Drama

Thank you for expressing your thoughts/feelings.

BK Knowledge as it is taught, is about ACTING in the “right” way. The “right way” is the belief that certain actions will take someone to “heaven.”

However, “Paradise” is not enough. You need to be the “King or Queen,” in Satyug, not in the Silver age.

The whole teaching is based on the “I” accomplishing things, DOING things exactly as what we DO in the “office world.” Get ahead. Be ambitious. Be “someone” in the future.

Look at the Indian educational system. Most are caught up in getting a “good future,” by pursuing education. In the USA most immigrant Indians are either doctors or IT engineers, for those professions command more income and “status.”
Nothing wrong with that. I am just pointing out that the same belief is followed for the “after Life,” for it is “easy to understand.”

I can assure you that it is not like that.

The masses are able to grasp that if they “do lots of effort,” if they sacrifice now to enjoy the future, they will be successful. As when poor parents make sacrifices to send their kid to a good school, with the hope that he will make it in Life and help the family; that method for “success” should apply to “get heaven” as well, it is thought.

That is great for the “office world,” but not when it comes to the Unlimited.

In the Unlimited, we are talking about the journey of a soul, experiencing different roles in every Life time. Those roles are predetermined but they extend to the whole range of experiences, from left to right, up and down, good and bad, etc.
As you know those roles are according to the capacity of the soul. A large glass has more room for liquids than a smaller glass, nevertheless; both glasses will experience the same types of liquid. 

BK knowledge teaches that souls are “numberwise.” That has the effect of activating greed in a follower. It activates competition as taught by the “office world.”
“Different capacity” is not the same as being “numberwise.”
A large glass is not “better” than a smaller glass, just like a Doctor is not better than a Computer Scientist. Different roles.

Most BKs cannot understand that the “I” is not a static entity, it changes, it is never the same but when you have a belief system, that belief will define the “I” so, the “I” will fight “natural” change to preserve the “definition” in his mind.

Of course, that “I” is different than the Drama. That “I” knows about responsibility, guilt, failure, fear… those are the consequences of “making a choice.” Because of that, that “I” cannot be like a child. Paradoxically, that is what Baba calls his children (”child.”) But there cannot be a child if the mind is full of worries to achieve “spiritual” goals, a “high number,” “before destruction takes place.”

The Drama does not “make someone act in a particular way.”
The “act” is the role, the role is the Drama. The soul does not act, the soul experiences the role. 

BapDada teaches “no-I,” but he doesn’t call it that way. BapDada calls it “Detached observer.”
Sakar Mulirs do not know about that, but those Murlis are “easy to follow.” Avyakt Murlis on the other hand, are not.

The Drama is predestined. That is why it repeats identically. We are the Drama, the roles. Therefore: It doesn’t matter what role we perform, whether a BK believes to have a “lousy role” or a “first class” role. What matters is if we can detach from it and observe the movie, Life with awe. The Drama is already done and it is being made again, so there is nothing to DO  but to enjoy the “now,”  for it changes.

Why a cremator in the Golden age doesn’t compare with Narayan? Why he does not think that Life is being unfair with him? Why is he happy with his role?
Because he is a detached observer. “No-I.” The role is not him. He experiences that.

A BK now, can “know” so much about failing and becoming a cremator, but he only knows the stage of a detached observer as “theory.” A BK now is so trapped in DOING in acting to become someone in the future… But BEING a detached observer, experiencing “no-I” is the “first class” ticket.

In the Unlimited, when “knowing” is limited by lack of Life experience, misunderstanding will happen.

For the common good.