“No-I” in the BK World

It is indeed paradoxical to observe how to be “knowledge-full,” is not consistent with our openness to go deeper into the essence of the Drama.
Why is that?
Because the mind is attached to the self, the “I.” Then, there cannot be further realizations. It will be the “I” trying to conquer the “vices.” It will be the “I” trying to conquer “ego” as a separate thing, without realizing to be the same thing.
The “I” needs to be pampered so we can realize about ego, but yet; we believe that this pampering is only saying “true” things about ourselves.

“I” will go to Heaven. “I” the soul will go to Heaven.
That is the understanding of the mind… but the “I,” the static center is an illusion in an ever changing Drama.

Sakar Murlis are great to inflate the ego or to deflate it. It is showing us ego. The key to recognize is the “ego.” That is the ”method.” Instead, we may believe to have the “truth,” as if the “truth” could be put in a paragraph. Sakar Murlis are easy to understand. Those Murlis are “black or white,” there is the sense to “know” out of that simplicity… but, that is not so.

Avyakt Murlis, specially the early ones; have depth in them. So much depth, that those Murlis are typically misunderstood. Those Murlis are not within the understanding of the majority. I am not just referring to intellectual understanding, which is partial understanding; but experiential.

The teaching of Being a “detached observer,” is “no-I,” But it is misunderstood as “I” want to reach that stage, “I” want to be a detached observer, “I” am working to be a detached observer.
That language clearly shows misunderstanding.

The Mind is “I.” Yoga of the Mind is “No-Mind.”
A Deity has the power of yoga. With who is he having yoga with?
He is ONE with everything, that type of yoga is “no-I.”

Yes… The above can strain the mind of most and it is important to get to that point, for understanding is not of the mind.

When the mind is caught up with a “beginning” and “end,” the mind cannot understand the eternal Drama, for it is looking for a beginning of time, but yet; beginning and end are illusions for an eternal being, eternal matter.

When we experience “no-mind,” the limits of the mind are over, then we understand.
Predestination and free will are both limits of the mind.

NO-I, No-Self, Witnessing, Detached observer, emptiness, soul conscious…  Different labels for the same experience. If you are caught up with a label, you create a religion, a dogma…. but what is important is not the label, but the experience.

For the common good.