The Benefit of the Drama in Life

“Everything happening to us is accurate and beneficial. It is accurate because it is according to our karmic patterns. There will definitely be benefit in it which will get revealed later, and even if there is no outward benefit, we would have come out of the situation emotionally empowered, that is the inner benefit.”

The above is an excerpt from a friend’s email.

Observe that everything is beneficial. If you have “bad” karmic accounts that “you” are settling; then that is beneficial for there will be inner learning that otherwise, you wouldn’t have. That means greater insight, which translates into Life wisdom. This is not “theoretical” wisdom that can be put into some sort of “knowledge” for others. NO! This is inner knowledge. “You” know without using your mind according to some teaching. You have been through it, you have experienced it, you know.

Look at the labeling: “Bad” karmic accounts.
Through the above we know that this is not true. Yes, there may be suffering, but the end result is ALWAYS beneficial.
Because the Drama is beneficial for all. ( Murli point.)

Therefore, if you go right. That will have benefit. If you go left, that will be beneficial as well.
Why separate “right” as “good” and “left” as “bad”?
Because the mind is conditioned with the perception of immediate “benefit” for “me.”

Observe that “my bad” karma was the product of “my” doing, with the consciousness that “I” had at that time. That consciousness, however; is not “my” choice. It is a role.

Observe your consciousness now. Even though, “you” know so much, you make “mistakes,” you open more karmic accounts…
Why not be honest with ourselves and observe that even though we think we know, we don’t?

Why not forget about all of those beliefs and self-righteousness about what is “good” and what is “bad,” in light of the understanding of the benefit of the Drama?

“But destruction is just ahead, and I need to become “perfect” before then!”

Observe this: “You” don’t know about yourself. “You” don’t know how to get to that heaven that you believe in. “You” don’t know how to be “perfect.” You only have beliefs and the support of more believers.
Do you see the benefit of the Drama?
It doesn’t matter if you go left or go right. You will get to your destination. It doesn’t depend on “you” for that “you” is artificial. It is merely mental conditioning.

Brahma Kumaris is a method.
Do not judge the method for failed predictions of destruction. That has nothing to do with its purpose.
The purpose is to give extra push to believers. That is “good”!
What extra push?
The opportunity to ripen that ego.
That is why, there will be dates for destruction as long as the “method” exists.
It is part of the method.

Perhaps now, we can realize that Life does not depend on the “I.”
The Drama is beneficial, therefore; “your” DOING does not matter for “your benefit,” but it does for the Unlimited (Totality) as the role is completed as it needs to be.
Not as “I” want; but as it needs to be.

For the common good.