BK Sakar Murlis and Celibacy

There is process in everything in Life.
Brahma Baba wasn’t a “finished product” at a certain date.
Sakar Murlis shows that process.
From the moment the first Sakar Murli was put into ink up to the last one; it only shows Brahma Baba’s process.

Translations by individuals without Brahma Baba’s experience or consciousness, changes or “updates” to those Murlis for the sake of being “politically correct,” or to reflect the changes in our society; will make those words,  challenging to understand in “depth.”
At the surface, it is easy. Either something is “good or bad.”

That is why, the “black or white” style in those Murlis is very appealing for the beginner spiritual seeker.

“Do nots” become important as a new seeker thinks that ACTIONS, are the important consideration in spirituality. Many individuals will stay in that consciousness for awhile.

“Your actions will define you.” Thus, “don’t do” if you want to be safe, but if you have a list of certain actions and activities which are “beneficial” in earning you the label of “saint,” “holy man,” “Golden age Deity,” “Angel,” etc; then by all means, DO those actions.
So easy to understand.

As the seeker becomes aware of the dissonance between DOING an action and FEELING, then a problem in honesty will arise.

For example, Sex has been qualified as “impure.” I may feel “good” by following those ideas as I believe they come from God; but I may be repressing my true feelings. Therefore, even though I “don’t do it,” and I may think that I am not “falling into temptation,” my inner sentiment is not consistent with my action or lack of it.

This inner fight, may be considered the proof that “I am impure” and thus, “I need to resist.”

If I listen to the Sakar Murlis, I will have plenty of support as to why “I need to fight my sexual drive.”

However, repression of sexuality will differ among individuals and their ages. Brahma Baba was in his sixties when he practiced Brahmacharya. His circumstance is not the same as a young BK.

Very little have been taught about sexuality in Brahma Kumaris. It is not a matter of just deciding not to have sex, and repress as much as possible. Believe me, it is deeper than that. The consequence of that “practice,” may affect the physical body as well as the mind of the person (depending on the personal setting.)

Pleasure has been qualified as “impure.” Sexuality has been qualified as the “gates to hell.”

It is thought that what is important is the ACTION over the individual.
Do you have an addictive personality? Do you use pleasure as an escape from pain? Have you had a bad experience with sex?

Most women have been denied to express and explore their sexuality in many societies. Some women may not experience pleasure at all in sex. The psychological conditioning from time immemorial seems unbreakable.

On the other hand, for most men pleasure is focused on the “sword of lust.” These men have not explored their own sexuality for that is a taboo. For men it is easy to reach an orgasm but not for many females.

Therefore, is Sex the issue? Is the ACT the impure thing? Or rather the protagonists, the individuals bringing their own shortcomings, their taboos and mental traumas?

Yes. The “Black or White” Sakar Murli is very easy to understand.
“Do not have sex.” “It is bad.” Why deal with the individual’s problems? Why go into their emotional and psychological issues when it is “easy” to just resist by using a “black or white” approach,  a  one size fits all approach?

That may be a shortcoming of the “BK method” as is typically geared for the masses at this point in time; nevertheless, unless the individual realizes about their repression, about their lack of inner honesty; there will not be a chance to move into a different consciousness.

Yes, we have those who left the practice of Celibacy because it was too much for them, or for whatever other “reason.” They thought to be  very “smart” when they quit the practice.
Those “reasons” do not matter.
What actually matters in my experience, is if the realization of repression exists and with that if our action or lack of it, is consistent with our feelings.
That is all, simple but very difficult to perceive.

Then acceptance of our being, our role in Life appears. The fight of the mind to conquer itself as a dog looking to bite its own tail, goes away. The dog is not different than its tail as sex is not different than being a human being.

While a human being, BE one. “Pure and impure” is not BEING. It is the conditioning of the mind defining, separating, rejecting the tail from the dog.

For the common good.