Question about fraud and karmic accounts by BK sister.

“Dear Brother/sister,
i wanna asked you one question if a person are which are doing fraud with many peoples and also cheated us borrowed a big amount from us and still not returned us then what we have understand by this is my karmic account settled or i have created new one??
please reply me its very urgent
thanks N regards
BK M.”

Dear BK M.
Thank you for your question. In this site (for Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters) I will take personal questions from now on, as long as I can publish them here for that may have benefit for many, the common good.

You are giving me 2 options to respond. Either the karmic account that you believe to have is settled OR you have created a new one.

Let me ask you this:
What difference does it make? You can believe anything you want. You just want support so you feel “good, right.” The fact is that you don’t have that money and you may need it or not.

If I tell you “your karmic account has been settled,” then you feel good. You will not try to collect that money.
If I tell you: “You have created a new karmic account,” then you will believe that by not collecting your money, you are settling it. You see the game?

Am I telling you to collect your money?
Am I telling you not to collect your money?

But I am responding your question.

For the common good.