Goals in Life

Hello Bro Luis , i actually want to post question cud not find out where i cud type it, hence i am using this space. Well ,Live life meaningfully , have a goal , What does it mean ,for a normal person what can be the goal .Once you are set in middle age what cud be inspiring ,unless for the ones who have expand the business of reach some position. please share your insights.

Thank you for your question/comment.
First, my name in this blog is Ahnanda for all of you who do not know me personally. That is what I wish to be called here.

We have been conditioned to believe that we always need to have a goal in Life. The goal could be something mundane such as to become famous, build a business, obtain so much money, etc. or something for the “afterlife,” or “divine.”

Let us say that your goal in Life was to be a successful businessman.
Great goal! Right?
You work hard all your Life to “achieve” this. No one knows the moment the goal is “achieved,” but the minute you think: “ I have achieved that goal,” that is the minute that your Life becomes meaningless. Therefore, other necessary goals may appear which are pressing in your Life at that moment, and which could be antagonistic to your previous achieved goal.

Most people focus so hard in achieving “the goal” that they forget about the rest of Life. That will have a consequence.
You may be a great businessman, but a lousy spouse. A great businessman, but health wise a frail person, etc.

In the “Afterlife” is the same. Let us say you want to achieve “soul consciousness.” Let us say that you “achieve it.”
Then what? How do you fill up your time?
You will find out that enjoyment of the moment is the key, even in “soul consciousness.”

Many will feel disappointed once they reach middle age and find that their achieved goals, are not enough to make them happy, fulfilled. Then, the thought to achieve a “divine” goal in the after Life, takes precedence. “Let me get heaven.” “let me be soul conscious.” “Let me achieve the karmatic stage.”

The mind does not know what those things are, it only has information about them but still it wants to “achieve them.” The mind is so used to achieving things, why not use the same principle for the “afterlife”?

I am not saying not to have goals. No! Just be aware of this:
Once you achieve them, you will need other goals. If you do not achieve them, you will feel upset, a failure, a loser, etc. Nevertheless, if you enjoy the journey of getting to the goal, then the goal is no longer the important thing, but living Life in enjoyment.
Thus, without a large capacity for enjoyment, which means the experience of no-mind; all we can have are goals to fill up our time while living.

Therefore, DO anything you like in Life. Know that DOING is not the important thing, but enjoyment of the activity.

Let us not make of enjoyment a goal to achieve, for that is not enjoyment.

If your capacity for enjoyment is great, simple things in Life will bring joy, then your days will be filled with joy. What else is needed?

The goal may be no goal, as when you have a mind, then is no-mind… and when you have an “I”? No-I.
Those things are not achieved. You become aware of them naturally through Life experiences. Allow them to settle and go with the flow… in the meantime, enjoy just where you are in Life, every activity from waking up to going to sleep… those are extraordinary activities.
Learn to enjoy the journey and you will never have a goal again, not because they are “bad, “ No!
Because they are not necessary.

For the common good.