The Religious method: Domestication

The process of Awakening takes time and patience. What we consider to be “right, good, proper, the way it should be,” is merely what we have learned, conditioning.

God is the greatest conditioner there is.  This is not “bad.” Conditioning is not “bad.” It is necessary to behave in society, to feel some safety and to hold on to something when we feel that we have lost everything.

However, as Life is dynamic, a constant change; we will not be able to evolve, move with it; what is known as “going with the flow,” unless we break through our conditioning.


Because that conditioning defines us. We can only move within the limits of that. Life is much greater, but we are unable to open our arms and accept and welcome the unknown; for it is not part of what we have learned, what we have grown to believe to be “true,” “right,” etc. 

Brahma Kumaris is a method to become aware of the ego/mind. Many will not realize the opportunity to observe our ego and our mind, but rather; make a life style out of the method. Trapped in the walls of the method which was meant to allow us to study our inner world, we become dogmatic, self-righteous, fearful of newness, and closed to anything that will not convey the message that we know to be “true.”

Life sent me recently this small booklet, which I will share with you.  I read some of it and I realized that what this book is explaining is what I have experienced. I recognized the explanations of that book as my own experience into experiencing a different consciousness. The book is titled” The 4 agreements.” It was originally written in Spanish, but I found this pdf in English. 

This book is very easy to understand. It will only make sense to you if you have gone through what the author, Don Miguel Ruiz; is conveying.

Hope you enjoy it. Click here to download it.

If you want a 10 page summary, here it is.

In Spanish

For the common good.