Avyakt Murlis

The “Word of God” recorded in every Murli.
Nevertheless, a Sakar Murli and the Avyakt Murli are quite different in content, style and directness. It seems spoken/written by 2 different entities/individuals.
Avyakt Murlis are the most recent. Avyakt Murlis are the expression of Brahma Baba in his “perfect form,” yet these Murlis are read once a week, typically on a Sunday. The rest of the days is about Sakar Murlis.

Have you ever wondered why?
If Avyakt Murlis are the most recent and most “perfect,” why are they relegated to the back seat?
The answer is simple. Avyakt Murlis do not convey the “method.” The language and style of an Avyakt Murli are far from a “black or white,” no nonsense type of expound.

The belief is that by repeating the Murlis spoken by Brahma Baba in his last years in the physical realm, that could help others “reach perfection.”

Self-realization is not a matter of repetition. It is not a matter of following scriptures, for our interpretation will be according to our experiences. Aware of this issue, it was thought of having an “instrument” (experienced/senior BK) interpret the scriptures, but every believer will interpret the interpretation of the “instrument,” accordingly. Even the senior BK is interpreting as those experiences narrated in the Murli are not his own.

It does not matter if “you were there when Brahma Baba spoke those words.” Still there will be interpretation.

Nevertheless, the “method,” is the “method.” If you agree to follow the “method;” then it is highly advisable to go all the way, to blindly follow it for at the end there will be benefit.

What is the benefit?
There are many, but the greatest one is that we can only move on in consciousness, if we are aware. Therefore, awareness is the greatest benefit.
The paradox being that this awareness is the “method” to free someone from the “method.” This is not intellectual understanding, we have to go through the experience, for in the experience; there is change.

The latest avyakt Murlis are not about knowledge any more. It is more about BEING love in the company of the “children.”