Oneness is and numberwise is not

We are all one. How could this be explained through BK knowledge?
By understanding the Cycle of Time.
The cycle of time encompasses everything that exists in a repetitive fashion.

We are told to be actors. Actors have a role to play.
In Life, the roles play through “us.” There is a difference.

The “soul”  is sentient emptiness. The soul will feel according to the role “being played.” Those roles are not depending on the “actions” of the soul. No!
Those roles are already fabricated to allow for the eternal “Drama,” to recycle. Thus, those roles need to be expressed in the physical realm, but are not depending on a particular individual.
Nothing “personal.”
It is not the “I” choosing to DO a particular action. It may look like that, but because the Drama is eternally repetitive, there is no opportunity to change anything at all. Thus the paradox: “I think I am choosing in my limited reality; but in the unlimited; “ I” am not.

Therefore, how is it possible for the knowledge of being numberwise “according to effort” to arise?
The cycle of time is a story. All roles need to be played as they are. All roles are necessary in the unlimited movie. Where does numberwise fits in?

However, how could someone who cannot realize the “deep knowledge” of “no-I” and being ONE with everything; be inspired to “be better” ?
By creating numberwise. Then, the “I” needs to “make effort,” to reach Paradise or to be a King in the Golden age.

Then, it is all up to you! Then, it is your “choice.” Then, you “win or lose” according to your will.
“You” have control. Don’t you like that? The ego, the “I” likes that “choice” very much.

“God” speaks at this level of consciousness.

However, in another level; there is no such static entity as “I” at any point in the Drama, but only in most minds, the ego driven mind.

Think of it in this way: “You” (the physical/subtle manifestation) are the hardware. The software is the Drama, running through you as “1 person/hardware license,” which is a role for one lifetime. That software is designed to DO things, which the mind believes to be “me” DOING. That DOING is necessary for the Totality. Next Lifetime experienced by the same soul, will be a complete new software for the new hardware, although a continuation of many aspects from the previous “software release. “

That “software” is known as consciousness when referring to one person. But is is known as the “Drama” when it refers to all sentient beings.

Your understanding or misunderstanding of this, will depend on your role at this time… but all is good and necessary as it is.

Life is good! 🙂