Question about sex in a BK relation

hi i am rahul.
@avyakt7 i am not a religious hater. but do to its part of my life i want to question you.
my gf is belongs to bk’family. she purely belives in it. she dont want to sex with me as she loves me. but she only want to do that because of bk’s rule. can you tell me if we are loves god by faith there is steal need of follow this bloody rules. i can even ready to follow it because of her but it will effects our relationship very badly. can you tell me solution.

Thank you for your question.
Your girlfriend is a BK. She loves you. She does not want to have sex with you because of the belief that sex is “impure.” In her mind, she is showing you her love by not having sex with you.
You are ready to follow this because of her, but you know that this will affect your relationship.

Many labels to consider. Your respect/attachment to a particular label will dictate your action. That is my answer.
Girlfriend is a label. Different than the label “wife.” BK is a label. A BK does not have boyfriends, by definition. Is she a BK then?

You love her. Love is a label. You will follow her in her beliefs even though that will hurt you. Isn’t she your wife? No? Why? Just a girlfriend, right?
Sex is very important; but when you play with different mind made labels opposite of each other, sex can only bring trouble and guilt when your passion is expressed.

Sex is the glue of a relationship, not the chewing gum that sticks there now but want to get rid of it later.

For the common good.