Being Vital

Enjoyment is intrinsic in a human being. Enjoyment is not something that we have to “work for,” or something to achieve.

Thus, whether the objective or goal is achieved or not is not as important as the journey itself, for that journey is a source of joy.

I remember that BK Life was about achieving different things: Soul consciousness, some virtue, Paradise, to be like God, to do “service,” etc. All achievements.  Some more concrete than others, but the goal is always in front.
That objective becomes the “reason” to live. Obsessiveness could appear and the symphony of Life is not allowed to play for our ears. Fear of  “failure” takes away joy.

That drive towards the “objective” is also a source of suffering, for that means to “sacrifice” certain things to have more time for others. This is the way to live in the “mind.” The future is more important than “now.”

The outcome of that decision which lacks balance, is that our health will suffer the consequences.

Vitality is that aspect beyond being healthy. A child has vitality. An adult could be healthy but may lack vitality.
A Vital person is cheerful. That person has hunger for Life. That individual is expressing joy.

When we live only through the mind, we could be so concerned about what is “right or wrong,” because we do not perceive Life as tasting different experiences to increase our knowing, our insight, but we see it as an enemy to conquer according to our conditioning.
That is why, we think it may be safe just to follow the “theory.” Rather than experiencing the wetness of water; we prefer to describe it, define it and believe that we “know.”

Yes.. you may be a “soul” but you don’t know until you experience it.  That experience is not a moment, it is to BE it.
Yes.. You may have many goals in Life; but you will not know anything until you taste failure.
Once you taste failure and achievement, the complete experience is with you. At that point, neither achievement nor failure will matter, as the game has finally unfolded for your eyes. Try to explain that to others who have not experienced it, no matter how carefully your words are chosen, there will not be understanding.

Vitality cannot be achieved. That is why, it is the trademark of joy. 🙂

For the common good.