Finding God.

What about if I tell you that I have truly “experienced God” after I left the Brahma Kumaris?
Would you believe me?

My experience cannot be yours.
My labeling of that fabulous experience as “God ” may be the beginning of deception.
Have you ever wondered why every religion has a different “description” of God?
Because experiences are personal and thus, different for every individual. However, the use of the label “God” is what makes the difference. That implies the utmost, the top of the game, the ultimate.
Therefore, my ego dictates that “my” blissful experience is god indeed. How it could be otherwise? It is “me.”
Who is out there to certify my experience? Who is out there to “stamp a certificate of authenticity”?
No one. It is just a matter of belief.

Is your “god” doing miracles? Is your god resurrecting people from the death? Is your god out there to benefit you and only you … and the believers of him (you)?

Is it true that you are the favorite son of God, the instrument of God? Is it true that God has wonderful plans for you inasmuch as you follow his directions? Is it true that you finally found God?
“Yes” to all the questions? 🙂
Good. Glad for you.

Then, the time has arrived to move on….and find yourself. The furthest away you go from yourself, the less you know.

Finding God is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning.

For the common good.