“Good and Bad” in the Unlimited

The knowledge of the cycle of time is without a doubt very powerful and “sacred.”
To know that every moment is eternal, for it is repetitive is without a doubt a hard pill to swallow. The movie has been done. It is just being played. The reel is in motion.

The above paragraph has everything we need to know intellectually, about Life. Once we understand it completely, it will change our perception of Life.

“Good and Bad” are ultimately all “good.” Why?
Because every scene, what we consider “bad” or “good” through our limited morality, is perfect as it is.
Because that is the way it was meant to be.

For instance, a BK yesterday becomes an ex-BK now.
Is he spoiling his “fortune”?
Not a chance. There is no chance.
It is all part of his own journey. Life will give that person exactly the experiences needed. In the Unlimited; all is “good.”

Then, why are we so caught up with the “bad” things?
Avyakt7 was a BK. He spoiled his fortune
It is not “my fortune,” it is the part being played as it was before. The BK experience had an influence in my journey.
Now, I am not that Avyakt7 anymore. The BK experience is not for me anymore.
..But, you will not enjoy the Golden age in the first Kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan !
That is OK. There was nothing that “I” could do.
Do you know why?
Because there is no “I.” There is a movie. The “I” changing things is a fiction.

…But you could be a “cremator” in the Silver age?
That is fine. A happy cremator. That is the experience needed for Avyakt7 to be born in the “Confluence age.”
What is “bad” about being a cremator?
Oh! I get it… It is about the “status.”
That word “status” is a cultural hang up of a culture set up in hierarchies.

If this is “hell” then I got news for you: “You” are in it as well.
“Your” effort, wasn’t enough! Your experience of Lakshmi and Narayan wasn’t enough to “save” you from hell…
Do you know why?
Because there is no “you.”
Neither “I.” It is just the movie.

Good or bad do not exist. It is just the movie.
Right or wrong are human perceptions. There are only consequences which will be teachings, experiences to continue on in the journey.

See the unlimited, the circle. Labels are superfluous.
It is what it is … and as it is, it is alright.  Enjoy it!    🙂