The first pure becomes the first impure

“The first pure becomes the first impure.”
It is a reference to Brahma Baba.
The important aspect to remember is that this line does not finish there. It has lots of ramifications. It shows “polarity” which is not in BK knowledge, but a good review of it, will allow someone to deepen understanding.

Pardon me if it is a repeat and you have already “churned” it.
1. Your capacity for that which is labeled as “pure” will have the same depth, the same intensity of that which is labeled as “impure.” 
2. Here is the catch: The same applies to “you.”
3. He did not become a “saint” right away. There was a “process” of many births… and in all the previous births, he didn’t know what was going on.
4. Therefore, in the last 33 years of his life as Brahma Baba, he became “number 1,” correct?
Do you see how the “Drama” has already made its arrangements for many life times?

It is not that someone becomes a BK now and automatically he will go to the “Golden age.”
No! There is an unknown “background” of many lives behind.

Do you think that “sainthood” is a matter of DOING some things and avoid DOING others?
No. It is not like that. As repeated many times already, it has to be “natural” as when a mango is ripe enough to be eaten. It is not about putting up a “behavior” show. It is not about “looking like a saint” but BEING it. BEING is a natural process not “effort.”
This process cannot be quicken because “destruction is just ahead,” or because “God is helping you at this time.”
There is a process in everything. If the process is expedited, if a shortcut is used; it can hurt rather than help. The Drama is not about “shortcuts” or “what I want.”

“Spirituality” is not like the achievements in the “office world.” In the “office world” it is a matter of DOING. In Life, it is a matter of BEING and BEING cannot be moved quickly because “I want.” The process is inherent in the “Drama” of Life.

The process in the Drama must be respected. That is a new definition of being “good.” It is not about DOING actions labeled as “good” but to be able to fit into the process. Your gut feeling is already connected with that process, not your mind.

However, beliefs are part of the process, but not the “only and true one,” for processes are individual as our experiences.

The movie is playing. Do you observe it and become amazed at it?
Or you separate from it to change it, to improve it, to move it in the “right” way, to save yourself?  The Drama of Life is truly fantastic and rather than enjoy it, observe it for it is eternal, we are so worried about “failing.” 

Wah Drama wah!  🙂