Question: From cage to cage

“Have been a constant eager follower of the blog- my experience and question: It was like I was bound in chains in my 18 years of spiritual journey with the constant inner conflict of trying to become a part of my email-id 108- LOL- Suddenly it was like a bird which got freedom from the cage- It was and is exhilarating- then I suddenly started to see the other birds in the cage- suddenly the everyday Murli did not make any sense- So even though there was tremendous gratitude for the organization there was also how can they do this? they know about this and have mislead so many and continue to do so- Where is justice etc- see where this is going? My question Is this going to be another trip which makes me look at the other caged birds and feel sorry for them and strengthen my I further and make NO I becomes another mantra- I know the answer but would like to hear from you-“

Thank you for your question.

In the blog, I have already expressed what I found to be the BK path for me: A method to increase ego; which is necessary to decrease it.
You cannot poke a balloon without air. It needs to be full of air, full of ego, to be able to blow up.
Brahma Kumaris is doing a good job in that, in my view.

Not every balloon has the same capacity for air. Thus, “seekers” in need of the BK method will appear at any time. There is nothing to feel sorry about. The birds in that “cage” are no better or worse off than birds in different cages. Just because you are BK-free, it does not mean that you are “free.”

So you spent so much time without sex… You spent so much time, money and resources, you went through sleep and food deprivation, etc. Poor thing! All of that for the promise of a big reward now and the afterlife that you really wanted to achieve for you are truly greedy…Pardon me… That is “pure greed.”
That is the method. No one obligated you to be there.

You believed in a God. You believed in your experiences. You believed in something that the BK method could give you that you didn’t have and you needed.

You paid for it. The method was given. No refunds.

Time to turn the page and move on. It wasn’t a scam unless you are not AWARE of how your ego is not satisfied for not being a saint, a “powerful soul,” an important individual who accomplished so much just like in the “Office world.”

If your ego is not ripe enough to blow up, then you may go back and repeat that method or you may get into another “cage.”

Ego, my friend… is very tricky. “No-I” sounds like a mantra for those without the experience.
 “No-I” is not a cage, for the “I” is not there to be in a cage.
Ahnanda is only sharing his experiences. He is not offering heaven, God, salvation or to become ‘better.’
Ahnanda is interested in BEING AWARE NOW through the mirror of relationships. He is not interested in changing himself into some ideal, in improving it, or in repressing it. AWARENESS is change by itself.

Awareness is a process and the Brahma Kumaris experience, is for some of us… part of the process.
Enjoy it!

For the common good.