Question about the Yugas

Thanks for the of new blog for BK readers…As of now you said that your experience of bk path has diverted to new Level..I want to know your view of change of yuga ( actually consciousness ) in life cycle of 5000 year as mentioned in BK path.. As we know current consciousness of IRON age is going to change to SATYUGA ( pure consciousness) very soon . What is your opinion on time frame given by BK path of life cycle that this age soon going to be transform into newer one…can you elaborate with numbers (years) that exactly how much time is remaining to transformation….? DO we really heading towards transformation of YUGA..?”

Thank you for your question.
My experience of the BK path has ended. I cannot tell you a date or say “when.” The experience of Ahnanda is completely different. It is not about “I” DO things, but BEING and BEING AWARE. That is the “diversion” of paths.

Observe your question. You want to know my opinion about a date, you want to know exactly when that is going to happen.
Do you see that I don’t know when my experience of the BK path ended? Do you want to put a date, a time?

We are always transforming. There is no time when the “I” is static as if we have arrived some place.

There is no such a thing as “yugas” in “real life” unless you want to purposely divide something that cannot be divided.

When does the “Iron age” started? What is the exact date?

Life is continuous transformation. You know that there is a “movie” already playing and that every act in the “movie of Life” has a cause and an effect… but yet your mind is interested in conveniently dividing the movie in 4 parts… That does not exist, do you see that?

Why do you want to divide the movie?
So it is convenient for you to label every part as: Good, bad, right, wrong.    No??

“Iron age consciousness.” What on Earth does that mean?
Is my consciousness the same as yours?
Which one is “better”? Based on what?
Think about it… for it will take you nowhere…  🙂

My dear brother: There is destruction in creation and creation in destruction. Do you see that? Therefore, why call destruction as “bad” and creation as “good”?
Whose consciousness is that?

To be trapped in the mind is to believe in dates, numbers and labels which divide what is whole in reality, a totality.

The Drama changes slowly but surely. Are you aware of that? We are part of the circle. We are going nowhere. Do you see that?
Therefore, enjoy the moment, savor the opportunity to be conscious and let the mind work in the “office world.” What is so important about ‘satyuga’ for an eternal being? Satyuga will go away and come back just like any other season in the weather of Life…

The rain is coming… is coming soon!!! Thus, enjoy the sunshine now and when the rain comes, enjoy it as well.
Rain, wind, sunshine, fog… all good, all different, all necessary, all one.

For the common good.