Karavanhar and Karmateet: Beyond the labels

“You need to have the awareness of Karavanhar in a double way. One is the Father who is Karavanhar and, secondly, I, the soul, am the one who performs actions through these physical organs. Through this, while you are performing action, you will not be influenced, either in a good way or a bad way. This is known as the karmateet stage.”

Avyakt Murli 10-03-96.

Observe the way that Avyakt BapDada explains about the “karmateet stage.”
“while you are performing action, you will not be influenced either in a good way or a bad way.”
That is beyond duality.

The difficulties of language and the translation of an experience are very hard to put it in words.
That “karmateet stage” is one way of expressing “enlightenment,” “non-duality,” “detached observer,” “witnessing,” etc.

In Brahma Kumaris, the “Father” is the one influencing (Karavanhar.) A BK is an instrument, a “doer” of that influence.
Many will ask: “How do I know if the Father is influencing “me”?
When you experience that there is no “me,” “I.”

The mind is full of “me.” Beyond the mind, through the gut feeling, there is the connection with the Drama.
And as every BK knows: “The Father is bound to the Drama.”

The “Yoga of the Mind” is there to make us aware of the mind.
Ego resides there. The “karmateet stage” is not something to attain or to achieve; for then the “I” is engaged in achieving it, even though it means the dissolution of the “I” itself.

Please re-read the above paragraph. The ego is concerned in DOING in achieving something which is its own dissolution. Is the ego concerned in disappearing?
No! That is the trick.

Any goals, achievements or purpose is of the mind, therefore; the “I” is involved. The “I” is not interested in its own dissolution.

What is the “solution”? 🙂
To allow for the ego to increase until suffering sets in. There is AWARENESS of it. At that point, the ego surrenders, opens up… accepts.
At that point, concepts, labels, stages of perfection, are meaningless.
“I” AM without that “I.”
“I AM” one with the father, with the Drama… with Life.

For the common good.