The greed for Paradise

Why do I have to be “good”? Why do I have to “DO” “good actions”? Why I cannot act the way “I AM”?

Those are the truly “important questions” in Life. 🙂

I AM not “good” as I AM, therefore; I need to ACT to BE someone else.
If “I ACT” the reward is Paradise once I end my Life of trying to be someone who “I AM” not.

“Good” is the word to BE. The definition of “Good” is according to every religion, moral system, society.

For example, a person who has sexual activity in not “good” in the BK system; but the same person in a different religious system, “is good.”
Therefore, the path to Paradise is built by a system, a method with a belief system underneath.
It is believed that by performing certain actions, by DOING something, we will get there.
That is how BEING is covered. That is how the greed for a concept overcomes the acknowledgement of who I AM now. Observation, AWARENESS is put aside for the pursue of a concept.

It doesn’t matter if Paradise exists as a place. We cannot get there by ACTING what we ARE not.
How do I know that?

DOING does not change BEING, for DOING is the outcome of BEING.

Let me explain that:
When I was a child I was told to change “my lazy ways for love of Jesus.” I used to confess to the priest: “I did not feel like making my bed; but I did it for love of Jesus.”
Observe that Jesus is used as a “method” to change my behavior, but laziness is still there, underneath my “good action.”
Later on in Life, “sacrifice” is the keyword.
What is the end result of that sacrifice?
Nevertheless, we believe that to be love. We were taught to change labels.
If it was love, we wouldn’t use the word “sacrifice.”
The same action performed by 2 different individuals, is not the same.

For the common good.