Love to Baba

When we learn to distinguish love from sacrifice; new doors will open.
Ask yourself if you LOVE Baba (ShivBaba, Brahma Baba, etc.) or if you are willing to SACRIFICE to love them.

LOVE is not something that we learn, for that is conditioning.
LOVE is not something that we “work on” for that is mental.
LOVE arrives in relationship: With ourselves, with someone else, with the world.
LOVE is not meant to have barriers as in: “Love me alone and not one else.”

LOVE is inevitable. You are in Love.
LOVE is timeless. You are in love today, it will be there always although with different intensities.
LOVE does not need a reward like Paradise or God or some other idea. LOVE is its own reward.

If you have not experienced the above and you believe to be in Love, then perhaps your love is different than mine.
Perhaps your love to Baba is “real,” and therefore, happiness should be radiating in your face… for that is the signature of LOVE.
Not always? Just sometimes?
That is the signature of the mind.

The Love of your mind is not the same as the love of your heart…. to recognize one from the other, may be a Life time journey. Every step of it is worthwhile.

For the common good.