Having the “right answer”

When we live mostly in our minds (thus yoga of the mind,) we believe that Life is known through information.
We believe that a “BK soul has knowledge” and for that he is a “special soul.”
The ego trip starts at that point.

We have been influenced by the way society values information. We use the same procedures that society has taught us to reach a “spiritual” goal.

Life, as we know it… even though we may have the “right information” is not as we think it is. Life is not bound by the complexities of our minds.

Then, the avid seeker; the hungry seeker looking for “answers,” may ask:
“So what is the “right” procedure to follow? What is the “right” path?”

My answer is easy: “You are not ready yet. You are asking for someone to give you an answer, that answer can only be a belief for you.”

“How do I get to know then?”
Once the mind allows you to see. Once the mind gives you a gap to look into Life.
2 known ways for that:
1) Increasing the feelings of your heart
2) Decreasing the control of your mind

There is a “catch” however…
“You” cannot do anything about it. Any DOING will take you away from points 1 and 2. “You” can only be aware of the opportunities to increase/decrease, feel/think.

Perhaps you will find out that there is no “right answer” but “right or left answer.” 🙂

For the common good.