The inner journey starts with the mind

Looking back into my own journey, I could see that whenever I felt comfortable with a particular experience, my world was shaken to be placed into a different one, usually the opposite.

I was comfortable “achieving things,” “getting ahead,” and “showing who I am,” to the world, when I had an experience with “God.”
That took me into the Brahma Kumaris experience.

Even though, both experiences are opposites; they also have a similarity for both experiences are about the mind.

Achieving in the “Office World” is of the mind and so to achieve enlightenment, Paradise, the karmateet stage, etc. The Mundane vs the Divine.

Raja Yoga is about the mind and so is Brahma Kumaris knowledge. However, anything that is of the mind does not bring “constant” change (using Baba’s word) but only behavioral change for a little while.

Thus, to be a “knowledge-full soul” as in keeping lots of information in the mind, means very little… Unless “I” put it into “practice,” right?
No! Practice is the mind, it has to go to the heart, the feelings to be “you.”
That is why, paradoxically even though Brahma Kumaris is an experience of the mind (Raja Yoga) “love to Baba” is emphasized to open the heart.

Knowledge is not to know that the Drama is eternally repetitive. That is only information.
Knowledge is not to “churn” that “who I am now, I was before.”
Knowledge is to BE the practical aspect of knowing that the Drama is eternally repetitive.

“What is that?”
Well… that is what the “power of churning” is all about…
Guilt, shame and fear should be left aside.
Because you are not that. It is the role DOING the things through you as the role manifests now. Guilt, shame and fear are not “bad.” They have timing. The heart cannot be open until those energies are released.

Allowing for that emotional energy of fear, guilt and shame to go away, is of great importance, for the empty space created when that energy vacates ourselves, is full with newness, for we are already that which we would like to be.

When you churn deeply the point of the “Drama repeating identically every kalpa,” you should get over the emotions of fear, guilt and shame. If you can’t, then you will discover that even though the mind is full of information, the heart is full of emotional energies… and that release of energy is what makes the change.

For the common good.