The perception of those outside the BK world

My sister, an ex-BK like Avyakt7; suggested to me to write about the significance and perception of those who are outside Brahma Kumaris Life.

She mentioned that the stigma used to the ones who have left, is similar to the one of other religions. However, the main point is the showcase of a “God” with resentments, severities and negations.

From that input, I could go on… 🙂
Many are aware of the words of Sakar Murlis about how “God gets upset” when a child is gone from the religion.

The knowledge of “predestination” and the “eternally repeating cycle” is forgotten at that time, to allow for condemnation and damnation.
The strong disapproval is followed by some eternal punishment.
That is the way of the main monotheistic religions, but Brahma Kumaris without a doubt, is even stronger in this severity.
The negation of the “fortune” of the child which is known only by “God,”  is reminded, the labeling to discourage others is uttered: “Tamopradhan soul.”

The label of “tamopradhan” soul is even stronger than “heathen,” which is used by mainstream religions.
Without a doubt, fear is used as a tool to discourage other “children,” to look around and follow their heart.

The other day, I was communicating with a BK friend and she mentioned that “Many BKs are angry at Avyakt7” and that officially, “Avyakt7 is a tamopradhan soul for those BKs.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at those remarks.

I wonder if that anger, is actually anger at themselves for their inability to express a different view, a different perspective.
Isn’t that the anger of someone who has put their faith in avyakt7 to support their own ideals and beliefs?

That is almost like a father who puts his expectations in his kid and when the kid decides to do something else, then the father gets upset, angry… The father is living his dream out of his kid. So much for “love.” So much for “respect.”

Brahma Kumaris is a great path. A path for few although it has been “massified.” As we can see; we could hide our hidden agenda under those white robes. We could hide our own hangups and fears under the façade of a morality. We could be completely dishonest with ourselves for the sake of being complaisant to a “God” due to fear.

A BK TALKS knowledge. A BK DOES service. A BK FOLLOWS a life style.
But who ARE you? ARE you hiding behind those white walls of beliefs in “purity”?
You see, to know that you ARE a soul, is completely meaningless… What you truly are is hidden, suppressed, repressed, negated.

Do you see that?

There is no doubt in my mind and experience, that what have been taught by Brahma Baba has been modified. He wouldn’t be a being of light (as he is now) if his personality was showing resentment, contempt and severity.

That  type of “God” is a creation of human minds, as we have seen throughout history.

For the common good.