The word is “God.”

Why accept the Sakar Murlis as the “word of God”?
That is a good question.
A writing which “officially” has been changed many times to make an attempt to fit it into the changing world, is without a doubt; a writing away from its source.

The “avyakt” Murli is completely different in content and intention, it is the “current” word of “God” without changes but yet is not used as much as Sakar Murlis.

There may be many explanations, but the core of the religion with the “Do’s and Don’ts” is in the sakar murli.

There are many BKs brothers and sisters still wondering if “God” is truly part of the BK religion.
Their own experiences is all they have as “proof.”
For many, that is enough to promise to themselves “never to leave that God.” After all it is “stupid to leave God.”

Many fail to realize that however wonderful your experience may have been, it is just your experience and there may be other experiences which we may be denying to ourselves to keep a static belief “current.”

Everyone else has a belief in their own “God,” what makes you so sure that yours and not theirs, is the “true and only God”?
Your experience?
What about theirs?
Your knowledge? Even though most BKs do not understand it?
Let me suggest to start the search with the word “God.”
Please observe all the conditioning behind that word, all the expectations behind that word and how much ego celebrates to be the only one, the chosen one by a particular “God.”

Even though BK knowledge doesn’t need a God… there is the belief in God.
Why BK knowledge does not need a God?
Because everything is already in the Drama… and it is predestined. Correct?
God doesn’t create the Drama. God cannot modify the Drama.
Is that your “definition” of “God”?   🙂

You are in “love” with Baba because “he is God.”
No. You are in love with the word “God.”
That “word” is important for you and to know that you have found the “true” God only makes you self-righteous. It is about your ego.

Every religion will bring different aspects of “knowledge” that others lack. Brahma Kumaris is not an exception.
The deepest point in BK knowledge which is to know about the Drama is looked at so superficially… but you don’t need to go deeper for you have “God” there to “save you.” All you have to DO is “love him.” How can you love someone who you don’t relate with?  Is your need for touch and closeness being met? Is your relationship based on sharing the same experiences in Life? or it is just you going through an experience and his words of wisdom?  The extent and depth of LOVE is meant to be experienced with human beings… a human with a human, not a human with a spirit. Why? Because to be a human being means to experience the fullness of it. Love is in that fullness. To deny your own body is to deny Life.

For the common good.