Going deeper into the “Predestined” Drama

I could only share about the Drama with Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters.
It is paradoxical how such a piece of extraordinary “information” it is taken so lightly, so superficially, as if followers truly did not understand what the Drama means, but rather have it clouded, with assertions of the “I” and worship of a God who “saves” when there is no need to “save” anyone.

Let us say that you knew exactly what is in the Drama. In other words, you knew what is going to happen in the “future.”

Question: Would you be “acting” differently?
Let us say that you are living in 1938 and saw that the “second world war” was coming.
First, you didn’t label it as the “II world war.” Probably you may have use another label, such as the “great war,” “The end of times,” “Human annihilation,” etc.
Then your own conditioning will “interpret” what you have seen or know.
The question is: Would you DO something to stop the war, even if you knew that your action will be for nothing? Would you give away your own Life for nothing?

Here is another question to consider: If you contacted God and you prayed for the war to be stopped, do you believe that he will DO that?
Isn’t God all “righteous,” and “good,” and therefore he should DO something to stop such a massacre?

Obviously “God” acts with a different morality, which is not the one humans know about.

That is the first teaching of the Drama.
What you think to be “good” or “right” or the “way to do it,” is of no consequence. Many times we tend to judge Life from our conditioned insipid, human morality.
Ultimately, if you truly understand the Drama… what is truly “good” if it is not to go along with the Drama?
But… we typically do not know what is coming next…  🙂
That is why, whatever you “think” it is what you have to DO, is on “you.” Defend your actions with pretty labels, morality, worship… It doesn’t matter.
“You” may not realize it, but “your” DOING is according to the Drama… and as it is… it is “good.” Of course “good” with knowledge, means “necessary.” Do you like that “definition”? It is not in the dictionary.

To learn to go with the Drama means to learn to listen to your “pure” gut feeling, your intuition, without the conditioning of society or the religion. That conditioning uses your mind and it separates “you” from Life.

If “you” DO according to your gut feeling would you call that: “ I am doing according to what I feel”?
Observe that it is not “you.” It is happening to you… It is part of the Drama and “you” are a manifestation of it.

Nevertheless, we are so caught up in being “right,” in DOING according to some artificial morality, in understanding what “God wants out of me,” and all those ego trips that only support the idea of a mirage.
What is that mirage?
That “I” am separated from the Drama.

Please go into it, if you would…

For the common good.