Content and Emptiness

Life is content. Death emptiness.
Content brings emptiness and emptiness, content.
Just like form brings no-form and “I” brings “No-I.”

That apparent separation of natural states of BEING, are a problem for our society and religions.

The idea of “Good” and “Evil” are together, just like content and emptiness.
In BK terms, as long as Maya exists, God will exist. In the “Copper Age,” the age of duality; Maya appeared and thus, God.

Therefore, there was non-duality and then duality. It is “Natural.”
One of the most noticeable misunderstandings of our society, religion and morality came about in “choosing” “Good” and rejecting “Evil.” “Choice” is the issue supporting the  “I.”

Brahma Kumaris as a religion, is firmly established in the belief that we must always “choose” what is “Good.” The definition of “good” is spelled out to followers.

If we understood the previous articles when the Drama was explained, we could understand that “Good” is not an idea, a philosophy, a commandment, a particular action, but to be able to live according to the Drama of Life. What is necessary according to time, is “good.”

This is a tremendous shift. We are leaving aside our mind and the proclivities of the mind to live in duality.

To “Be one with the Drama” is to be “Good” without the duality of “bad,” otherwise, as long as we use our minds to act by choosing according to some morality or some rules; duality will be there, which means that sooner or later that which we rejected will be embraced.
They come together as a package.

Brahma Kamaris knowledge is based on resistance of the inevitable outcome of duality.
Because Brahma Kumaris knowledge is based on the duality of the mind.

To be able to step away from the mind, is part of the process of some individuals like Ahnanda, for instance; thus, while for BKs living in the mind, God and Maya exist by labeling a particular experience or being as “God” or “Maya;” for Ahnanda; they are just labels denoting duality.

Content is Life itself. “You” are content. Emptiness is the “soul.” Who are “you,” then?
According to your consciousness, YOU are content. You are not emptiness, a soul.

“You” want to be “soul conscious,” empty while being content, Life?
Do not make a duality out of them; step away from the mind and explore the heart, but if you could go even deeper, go to the “gut,” then “you” and Life will be one. 

The Drama and you, are one already, so it is a matter of realizing it. However; not through the mind, the intellect,  but through the gut feeling.

For the common good.