Aware of the way of Life

Why God doesn’t stop evil in the world? There are many people suffering and God doesn’t do anything about it! Why?
Why there are so many things happening in the BK organization and BapDada doesn’t stop that?

Do you want to know why?

It is simple. We are “eternal”  as Life itself. If someone is experiencing suffering, that is not the end. It is a process without an end. It is about experiences. It is “karma,” and that process will lead someone into a different experience.
What is the need to interfere with that? Life is DOING it.
Yes, feel compassion. That is the present, the “now.” That feeling acknowledges the situation, empathizes with the “actor” without feeling pity. However, any attempt to change things just to fit our biased and conditioned morality and beliefs, is truly violence. It is the “I” trying to change “what is” into what “I” think should be.
If you ACT because it is in “you” and not because you are following some law or some belief, then that action is non-violent.
Because the Drama, Life is manifesting through “you.” “You” are an “instrument.”
The word “instrument” is misunderstood. An “instrument” follows his gut feeling. It is not the “I.” However, that is very hard to “do” for someone who has been conditioned to Live Life at the mental level, he cannot live without that “I.” Therefore for “normal” individuals, to discern the “gut feeling” is very hard.

The beauty of Life is that whether “you” act from your gut feeling (no-I) or from your mind (“I,”) either way is necessary as it is. The difference is in what comes back to “you,” karma… which is meant to eventually change as Life changes. Thus, the Drama, Life itself, is “beneficial.” It is a circle.

Knowing all of this, what is the need for God to do anything? Our limited morality and conditioning does not allow us to see beyond the limited “reality.” We are caught up with the image of the hungry kid in Africa. We want to “send money” as the solution for their suffering. Humanity has created the problem and also the solution: Money.

Obviously, “sending money” helps the sender feeling generous. That is the impersonal way to feel that “I am helping,” “I am good,” “I am earning Paradise.”

FEEL them. Be with them. Give your time. Feel compassion not through the images of the TV, but allow for the experience of being there, to change you.

“Are you kidding me?” I don’t want to leave my cushy job, my nice apartment, my comforts, my status to be with them…I’ll just write a check.
That is fine. Just stop pretending to ‘help’ someone.

Since everything is as it needs to be, what is the need for a God?
Think about that.
To give “you” knowledge? To give “you” salvation? To give “you” the Golden age? To give “you” miracles?
How about, to give “you” ego?
Thank God for that.

Here is the “knowledge” in a nutshell: Life is a movie. It has already been made. “You” could be in the consciousness of the “actor” or the “spectator.” Enjoy the movie. It is unique. Everything that exists in the movie is eternal and recycles itself. That is Life.
Life will take you from one experience to the other at the right time.
Compassion and Love are labels until you feel them. The mind is our worst enemy when left unchecked.
The rest may be either misunderstanding or tales for grown-ups. 

For the common good.