The “soul” and “Paradise”: Many years of Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding of the “knowledge” starts with the concept of “soul.”
For most BKs, the soul is “I.” Unfortunately for most this only stays at the verbal level, the mind. Hence, the belief that “I will go to Paradise if I DO some things” (masked with the word “effort”) is prevalent.

The best example that I could come up at this time, to explain the “soul” at the intellectual level is related with computers. Those familiar with computers will be able to understand it.

The soul is like a hard drive. It is empty until it is formatted. The soul has been formatted with different partitions (84 lifes or whatever number) each partition has a different operating system (windows 10, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Windows XP, etc.)

“I” am the operating system of one partition. For instance, Ahnanda now is “Red Hat Linux.” Once “I” die, the hard drive will pick the following installed operating system, which means that “I” am “Mac OS X” in that “life.” Observe that every operating system is different. That is the “I.” What continues on from one Life into the other, are the text files edited through the Operating system’s editor. Every Life adds stuff to it and deletes other things through experiences. Those are the sanskaras brought to you by the “mind.”

The soul is an empty repository, the hard drive. That comes preformatted with roles, it is the “I” in every partition. Those roles are pre-arranged, but yet still, we believe that “I am DOING,” despite the knowledge of predestination of the Drama.

What is to be “soul conscious”? To become aware of that emptiness of the hard drive and the fullness of the 84 partitions and how each operating system will do its thing when activated, for in that consciousness of being empty, we automatically become “detached observers.” There is no particular “I” to identify with, even though in Brahma Kumaris, it is about identifying with the most “elevated” role/ partition.
With deeper insight, we can observe that the soul is not a particular partition, but all of them (content) and none of them (emptiness.)

In content, every hard drive (soul) is different, unique. Without content, that is in emptiness; all hard drives are the same.  That sameness is omnipresent consciousness that we share with all living beings.

As we become aware of our emptiness, we become closer to the soul. That emptiness could be realized through stillness of the mind… then we can feel, the “inner smile” of bliss may be felt.
To be in tune with that emptiness, is what has been mystified by religions with pretty names: Meditation, stillness, peace, concentration, absorption, etc.

Most humans fear the feeling of their own emptiness. Humans crave for content, as content gives the sensation of purpose.
That is why to reach Paradise and God, become a valued purpose in religions. Those “ideas” are necessary for many seekers who are unable to feel at ease with a purposeless life, a life acquainted with emptiness, stillness. They are unaware that emptiness brings newness when a partition of the hard drive (the soul) is replaced by another through the process of what we call death.
For the common good.