God and Drama

Even though I know through my experience somethings about God, I cannot share it with you. If I say: “God is this,” it will only be information for you. Someone may say: “God is that,” and then you will need to “choose” based on whatever fits your day.

Therefore, find out for yourself; go through the experience.
That is my respect for your own path.
However, let me share this:
The word God is truly a loaded word. What exists, in my experience; may not fit any descriptive word or definition..

Brahma Kumaris as well as monotheistic religions define God. “God is this,” and by doing that followers have an idea, a mind set up to believe. God as defined by Brahma Kumaris, does not necessarily fit the knowledge of the Drama. For that, here is my suggestion:
Dive in the knowledge of the Drama to find the “jewels of knowledge,” not in infantile stories of Lakshmi and Narayan and what will happen in the golden age or when Krishna is born. Those stories are only “futuristic” bed stories for little kids, before they go to bed.

The Drama/ Life is about “you” right now. Stories of someone else will not help you, if your quest is for self-realization.
Brahma Kumaris’ knowledge of the Drama is unique and that knowledge alone has helped me tremendously to understand the “I.”

All you are looking for is in that “I.” Observe its existence, observe how it is impossible to say “I am a detached observer,” for as long as there is identification with an “I,” there is separation from Life, from the movie and in that separation there is no witnessing.

The experience of the actor acting in a movie is unique, although that experience just happens to be interpreted in a particular way by the actor. If we keep that experience in our mind by giving it high value, we will look for it again, which means, disappointment may happen, or we may reject it that experience and keep it in our minds, which means that we have created a trauma.

If there is openness in you to be like an open door, the experience will be experienced and it will go away, to let room for further experiences. The “I” is there to absorb experiences, keep them and “choose” this and not that (filter them.) That gives “identity.”

A detached observer is like an open door. Open to everyone, but capable of closing itself, that is the beauty of experiencing the “I” and the “no-I,” both at the same time, thus the duality of choosing is not based on mental conditioning but in your gut feeling, in your connection with Life… There is no duality there, no choice.

That is what the knowledge of the Drama may teach you. The movie is what is. Your questioning, your morality, your ideas of what should be are huge obstacles in the enjoyment of the movie, as it is.

Wherever you ARE in your journey is “good” for it will change. It is guarantee. Therefore, enjoy that experience, for it is unique, it is the “now.”

Life offers you that opportunity to experience. Keep your labels aside, your beliefs aside and see how change is all there is and for that there cannot be a static, solid, concise “I” supported by mental paradigms, which we are so identified with.

“I am a soul,” “I am an angel,” “I am a deity.” No! You may experience those things, but be certain that “you” are none of them. You are moving on with Life, you are Life itself. There is no need to define yourself. That is why, to love ourselves deeply what we perceive to be “now,” is to love Life. Being in love with Life, there can only be …… (No descriptions.)
Experience and acknowledge who “you” are now, enjoy that;  and let Life change it, in that way death may no longer be a trauma, something to be afraid of, but the opportunity for newness in Life.
For the common good.